Free ACH Payment Processing

Written by admin on April 11th, 2011

A special program now allows property management firms, government entities, utility companies, and non-profit associations take payments online or over the phone at no cost to the merchant. That’s right.  No payment processing costs.  No monthly fees.  No start-up costs, programming fee, or any other expense.  Increase cash flow, reduce costs, and satisfy consumer demand with online payments quickly, easily and for free. How is free payment processing possible?  Simple.  Customers pay for the online bill payment transaction, not merchants. Are consumers willing to pay small convenience fees to make payments online?   Millions of transactions have proven the answer is absolutely YES.  Consumers say small fees are well worth the time-savings, instant gratification and avoidance of late payment penalties.

Property Management Companies Get ACH Payment Processing Free. Every month property management companies exert a great deal of time and effort collecting rent from tenants. By offering ACH payments and credit card payments, property management companies enjoy consistent, predictable streams of revenue and reduced workloads. Tenants like the convenience and peace-of-mind, knowing that their rent will be paid automatically and on-time, thus avoiding late fees and credit report issues. Tenants want the ability to pay online and it’s easy for property managers to add a “pay rent online” button to their websites.  Online payments are also excellent for property managers who offer amenities such as club house rentals or specialized tenant services.

Free ACH Payment Processing for Government Entities. Government can easily provide online bill payments as well as recurring bill payments at no cost to the government.  Government agencies cut costs and increase operational efficiency with by offering credit card and ACH payments.  Government agencies offer online payments for licensing fees, traffic tickets, recreational services, facility rentals, business registrations, and library fines.

Non-Profits Increase Donations with Free ACH Payment Processing. The internet is an increasingly important channel for non-profits. Donors like the convenience of e-giving and the instant gratification of donating online.  Accepting contributions online enables givers to donate immediately in times of to emergencies or disasters. The internet lets organizations expand donor base without additional cost while lowering expense for existing donor maintenance by up to 85%.   Customizable donor receipts, flexible reporting, and easy integration with accounting systems are included.  Non-profits and charitable organizations maximize donations with electronic payments.  Recurring billing lets donors give on a regular basis, providing stable and long-term revenue to fund worthy causes.

Insurance and Utility Companies Enjoy Free ACH Payments. Insurance and utility companies have successful used ACH payment processing for recurring payments for over 30 years. To decrease costs and in response to consumer demand, these companies are now offering the convenience of paying online.

Education, Schools, Universities Benefit from ACH Payments. ACH payment processing is an easy way for parents, guardians or students to pay for tuition, books, or other educational expenses by direct debit from checking or savings accounts either online or by phone.  Recurring payments can be setup in advance, assuring predictable revenue streams for the school.   ACH payments reduce paperwork and manual processing, freeing up staff for more productive projects.

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