Forex News feed: A Must For Every Daytrader

Written by admin on April 28th, 2011

The Forex world has changed 180 degrees over the past few years and we have the Web to blame for that. The internet has taken an industry that was reserved for the financial elite and the corporations, and made it accessible to the general population. Not only are platforms now available via the Web but a C can be found on hundreds if not thousands of sites across the interwebs.

In a market as big as Forex, why are 90% of traders losing their money and not coming away millionaires? Many believe it is because of the misconception that Forex is similar to gambling and should not be taken seriously.

Traders who do not study the market, analyze the charts, and stay updated with a Forex news feed on a daily, hourly and sometimes minute by minute basis. There is no shortage of professional Forex news feed sources and a simple Google search for Forex News will bring up millions of sources.

The trick is to find a reliable Forex news feed, bookmark it, and check in as often as you think is necessary.

However, the Forex news feed goes a lot farther than websites. Most Forex trading platform have an integrated Forex news feed, and in today’s market, there is no reason to trade with a broker who does not have one.

The importance of a Forex news feed in your platform is that you can stay focused on your trading while getting the most updated events taking place in the market without ever having to leave your platform. The integrated Forex news feed should be intuitive, easy to use and understand, and the most important thing is that it is updated frequently, so you know what is happening at any given moment in the market.

Whether you have a site that provides an updated Forex news feed or you use your platform for that, the important thing is that you are updated so when it is decision time about opening or closing a trend, there is no need to waste time searching the Web for updated market stats, it will be right there in front of you and you will be able to act accordingly.

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