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Written by admin on April 2nd, 2011

If you’re like rest of the world most people are very knowledgeable in what they do for a living but when it comes to money most of the world does not know a lot about their own finances. Financial freedom of America will be the new term for the next decade. Teaching people how to take care of their finances and stop letting the government and agencies control your money. True financial freedom in America in two words means better education.

As we all know traditional companies that people give their money to and try to build long-term wealth or retirement income are not as reliable as in the past. Let’s take several examples and go a little bit more in detail why the financial freedom of America is going downhill.

Let’s start with the housing economy:

The last several years the housing market has just totally flipped upside down and creditors allowing people to get mortgages they normally couldn’t afford put millions of people in foreclosure jeopardy. If we were better educated about our financial situations then the drastic statistics might have been lower.

Also credit cards:

If the housing lenders were the only thing bringing financial freedom in America down well we might have been able to pull out of a bad situation sooner or later. But the credit card companies have ruined Americans way of dealing with the financial problems of the world. Just several years ago credit card debt was at a unbelievable amount at .2 trillion in debt. This debt is just credit card debt not overall debt of America . People are buying way too much then they can afford and also taking cash advances to try and advance their income. All the while credit card companies aren’t helping out as they are increasing the fees and reducing your credit limit.

These two examples alone is what is killing the financial freedom of America. Americans and the world for that matter want to turn back the crisis in time but 95% of Americans do not even know where to start. So the economy keeps spiraling downward as we sit on our thumbs but lucky for us there is places to start educating about financial freedom.

You no longer have to have an investment broker, financial planner, or and individual representative from a company that will give you advice.You literally can do that on your own but finding the information you need or the right advice because the advice from these three people alone is altogether different. However finding the right information is easy when the advice is from experts in all of the fields you are acquiring about.Make sure you check the qualifications and their references or most of all the credentials of the companies or services before you go any further.

I do have a lot of expertise in this field, so finding these proper companies that will educate you in how to understand about financial freedom in America are out there but no one knows where to look. What I mean by educating you is strictly a company that will explain in simple details that anyone can understand. It doesn’t mean we are dumb or lack the intelligence it simply means for so long we have taken for granted the financial companies to explain it to us.As we all know look at the mess they have gotten us into.

It might seem a daunting task to ask a company but guess what it is your right to make sure you are making sound decisions for your financial freedom and future. Not only should these companies be able to apply to your requests but also ask questions like are there ways to increase your cash flow or your income from home. There are opportunities out there but very few people know about them. Now that you know you can ask these questions and find out these answers don’t be afraid to want the very best for you and your family.

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