Eye-catching Open Signs to Convert Every Passer-by into a Customer

Written by admin on April 24th, 2011

Open signs shining brightly outside a store are sure to transform a passer-by into a potential customer thanks to their attention grabbing potential. The neon open signs prove to be a very effective advertising tool as they help to create awareness regarding a business establishment particularly at nighttime. Using the open signs, business establishments such as malls, casinos, bars, hotels, parlors, eateries, pharmacies, retail stores and even ATMs can attract customers 24×7 thereby promoting sales and expanding profit margins.

Open signs are neon signs made from glass tubes bent to suit the design required and filled with neon and other inert gases such as argon, xenon, helium etc. to produce a wide range of colors and brightness. Application of electricity to these gases makes them light up brightly thus making a neon sign more eye-catching.

Open signs help to announce to passer-bys that the establishments are open at night and also beyond the expected business hours. Additionally, their broad visibility is sure to attract ambling pedestrians as well as the cruising car drivers. From the entrepreneur’s perspective, the main reason for using these signs is to enhance business and stand miles ahead of the cutthroat competition.

The main advantage of using open signs is that they are a very cost-effective way to advertise your business. As compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs, neon signs have a considerably lower wattage thus saving much on electricity costs. Since they provide very bright light in a broad range of colors, these signs can be used to increase the attractiveness quotient of a business establishment and tempt people strolling by to become potential customers.

Considering the fact that the open signs can be designed to suit your requirements, the sign can even be placed on the store windows where they would be easily visible at the eye-level rather than several feet above. They also have quite a long life span, sometimes lasting even up to decades, so that these signs offer a near permanent solution to advertising your business efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

When placing an order for open signs look for features such as the size and shape of the design of the sign, the color range, the amount of electricity that it might consume and of course the cost. With well-designed and eye-catching neon open signs you are sure to have your business premises crowded choc-a-bloc and have your cash registers ringing well into the night!

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