Develop The Right Relationship With Money To Achieve Financial Freedom

Written by admin on April 1st, 2011

I used to think that I had no alternative other than to spend my life trading time for money and trying not to lose it. Money felt like a scarce resource and there never seemed to be enough. I’ve since realized that this is because I had mistakenly linked the amount of money I could earn to the number of hours I could work. It’s a common misbelieve that money is a scarce resource but as I began to appreciate that there is a potentially infinite amount of money in the world and that by having more, I wasn’t somehow taking it away from someone else, then everything started to change.

You were not born to trade your limited and valuable time for money. Appreciate that time is the finite resource, not money and you’re well on the way to developing a prosperity mindset and achieving financial freedom.

How can you assess the nature of your current relationship with money? Just try telling a friend or family member that you intend to achieve financial freedom within the next 2 years and as you do so, notice how this makes you feel. If you feel empowered and positive, your beliefs are starting to align for financial freedom. However, if the conversation creates feelings of doubt, guilt and discomfort, then there is still some way to go before prosperity consciousness can kick in. The reaction of friends and family will also tell you the extent to which others are influencing your life dreams and aspirations.

So how can I begin to develop the right relationship with money? Perhaps the most effective method and one I employ daily is to use specific incantations while taking a brisk walk. Incantations are powerful statements spoken aloud with feeling which will gradually permeate the subconscious mind. Some examples of incantations to use everyday are:

• All the wealth I need is within me now
• I love money and money loves me
• There is an abundance of money in the universe and money is on its way to me right now
• Money flows effortlessly and easily to me
• When I give money, I am keeping money flowing in my life and more will return to me

It’s important to really feel the emotion that comes with incantations because positive feelings are what will attract the people and opportunities consistent with the realization of your dreams.

Developing the right relationship with money takes time. After all, the beliefs you’ve been using up to now have taken years to develop. By starting to put these tips to work, you will create the fertile soil in which to plant the right seeds and achieve financial freedom.


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