Debt Relief Tips – Using Debt Management Programs To Avoid Bankruptcy

Written by admin on April 29th, 2011

If you are considering bankruptcy, you may want to find out if debt management programs could help you to get out of debt and avoid this black mark on your credit report.  A debt management program is one that provides you with help in paying down the debt you have.  This often includes paying less per month on all of your credit cards, paying back less as well as having a lower interest rate.  Before you attempt to file bankruptcy, consider why you should try debt management programs instead. 

With debt management programs, you get all of these benefits, which make it easier for you to repay the debt that you owe.  In addition to this, you also will see marked improvement in your credit report before you see a falling out.  For example, when you file for bankruptcy, if you are successful at discharging your debts, you will have an instant black mark, a notation on your credit history, which will remain there for the next ten years.  All creditors that are able to loan to you after this point will be discouraged by this black mark.  Even worse, they will likely make you pay much more for any credit you do get.  Many times, lenders are unwilling to loan to those with bankruptcy filings.

This means that if you attempt to get a loan for a home, a car loan or even just a credit card, either you will be denied or you will have to spend a lot more in interest.  However, if you use debt management programs instead, you can slowly build up your credit faster.  That is because a notation is placed on your credit file that you have enrolled in the program and as you pay off your debts through the program, this too is noted.  The result is that you pay off your debts without having to harm your credit in the process. 

One thing to note, though, is that an initial drop in your credit score is likely once you start with a program like debt management programs.  This drop is because lenders likely have not been paid.  For some people, it will be no worse than the situation they are already in especially if you are behind in payments and facing costly late payments. 

For those who are ready to make a change, debt management programs are a better choice than filing bankruptcy.  This does not mean that you shouldn’t consider bankruptcy ever.  But, if debt management programs are a better option, go for it instead.

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