Debt Relief Help – Are Your Late Payments Getting You Deeper In Debt?

Written by admin on April 2nd, 2011

You know it brings a sickening feeling to the pit of my gut when I think of the number of times and how much it must have cost for my credit card company to charge not just me but all of their customers for late payments when a pay check and a monthly payment just happen to miss each other by a day! and when this happens debt piles up and you need debt relief help.

Be aware of what you will be charged on a late payment and avoid them at all costs! Many card companies will tell you that they take the money from your account on the 26th or 28th of each month or expect the money around this time in either automatic payment or other form of payment. Now personally I get paid on the 29th of the month so when my credit card told me they would be taking their money on the 28th I called them straight away.

I said that I would like to move my payment date to come more in line with my pay day and having cleared funds in my account. Here is the great part of this one, they can not say no. Credit card companies have to honor the fact that you want to get yourself into a position where you can pay on time and not collect a penalty payment each month. Penalty payments are supposed to beĀ  thnig of the past but they still find backdoor ways of hitting you with them.

Call them and tell them that you want to pay the day after you get paid or a week after you get paid and write them a check on payday or transfer the money. Don’t let them get away with putting huge charges on you and remember if you pay direct from your bank on an automatic payment and the funds are not there you can get charged twice. Once by the bank and once by the card company and this will hot you hard with interest payments and that mysteriously change and go up when you pay late and leave you looking for debt relief help.

Not fair is it? Don’t let them get away with it, negotiate your terms not theirs and become better off by not letting late payments get you deeper into debt. If you are in credit card debt and is not getting any better get debt relief help. Click here to get out of debt now.

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