Debt Management Tricks to Deal with Personal Debt Problems

Written by admin on April 24th, 2011

Debt problems affect millions of people psychologically, physically and emotionally. Debt management solutions offer some of the best tricks to deal with personal debt problems.

Statistics on Personal Debt Problems
There has been a significant growth in personal debt problems in the last few years. The slower economy, growing population, higher unemployment and ever-growing expenses are some of the prominent factors responsible for accumulating personal debt. According to the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), debt management counselors each dealt with an average of 4,760 personal debt problems in the last 12 months.

How to Tackle Personal Debt Problems
Experts in debt management solutions have formulated certain tricks to handle personal debt problems. Keep reading to find out more about these debt management tricks.

Review Your Income and Expenditures
A review of your personal finances is your gateway to becoming debt-free. Debt management counselors can help you in your review analysis. Conducting this review also solves another problem — you can identify which of your debts are the highest priority. Here are some examples of high and low priority debts:

High priority debts: rent, mortgage payment, taxes, utility bills
Low priority debts: unsecured loans, credit card bills, rent-to-own or leasing agreements, personal overdrafts

It makes sense to pay off smaller personal debt first, but this can aggravate your debt problems even more. That’s why debt management experts recommend paying off high priority debts first.

Generate More Revenue from Extra Income
Personal debt problems can be solved to a great extent by finding ways to pay off high priority bills. Debt management analysts identify sources like a second mortgage, renting out a room or even selling extra utility items on eBay to help generate extra income. You can also contribute by working overtime. There are lots of job options available in a range of different shifts. From pizza delivery to telemarketing, part-time jobs offer good money that can be used to pay off debt quickly.

Take Advantage of Unenforceable Personal Debt
Did you know that any credit card debt, car loans or personal loans that existed prior to April 2007 could stand up as unlawful in court? One estimate finds that this is true for a minimum of 60% of loan agreements. Agencies offering debt management solutions strongly suggest taking advantage of this law to write-off personal debts. A counselor with expertise in personal debt can guide you through this scenario.



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