Debt Management Programs – How To Negotiate With Creditors And Eliminate Debt

Written by admin on April 28th, 2011

How does a debt management program and creditors work together to help you get out of debt?  Unbelievably, they do work together because they have an understanding.  A debt management program is a program in which individuals will design a budget, make one larger monthly payment to a debt management counselor who will then pay their lenders for them.  The process allows the debt to be paid off faster often at a lower cost.  Yet, when you use this type of program, a disconnect happens between you and your lenders so much so that you may no longer be talking to them.  Rather, the debt management program and creditors talk to each other to resolve problems.

Why Creditors Want To Participate

Why would a creditor who you owe a good amount of money to, be willing to put all of that aside to work with you to pay off your debts at a lower cost?  In most situations, people who enter these debt management programs are doing so because they simply do not have any other option.  The creditor also realizes that unless they work with you, chances are good you will file for bankruptcy, which means they will likely lose all of the money they were hoping to gain.

To avoid such a problem, there becomes an understanding between a debt management program and creditors.  In addition to this, most programs have worked very hard to establish a good, working relationship with the creditors.  This allows them to give you the best rates possible and more power behind negotiations.  While it is in your best interest to talk to your creditors and try and work something out before you get into this situation, once you get too deep in debt and too far behind on your payments, chances are good that the only option you have is to get into a debt management program.  Creditors will then work with you, though these professional organizations.

One mistake that many people make is to believe that a debt management program and creditors seem to have some sort of benefit in working together.  There is no payment made to the debt management program from the creditor.  In fact, there is no connection between one organization and the other except for their client interactions. 

As you consider working with a debt management program, creditors will likely stop calling you.  In fact, they should do so as soon as you enter into a formal situation with the program.  This in itself can help improve your situation considerably.

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