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Written by admin on April 10th, 2011

There are many different types of alternative mutual funds. Basically, an alternative mutual fund is any mutual fund that is different in some way. For example, an alternative mutual fund would be one focused on energy. This could be renewable energy or alternative energy. Either is considered an alternative mutual fund and they are actually a wonderful opportunity for investors. There are many benefits to investing in a mutual fund, but there are also some drawbacks. One way to hedge your risk is to take advantage of mutual funds in renewable or alternative energy. Another way is to focus on diversifying your portfolio so all of your eggs aren’t in one basket, so to speak. Hedging your risk is important in mutual funds because when one fund is performing well it may make up for an underperforming fund. You will be stronger as an investor when you have a portfolio with many different funds, including alternative mutual funds. Not only can you potentially benefit financially from these types of mutual funds, but you can also help promote alternative investments in industries such as energy sources and renewable energy sources across the world. Obviously, as the world continues to grow in population more sources of energy will be needed. If you are investing in alternative energy through an alternative mutual fund you will stand to benefit significantly the next time an oil crisis hits and alternative and renewable energy sources turn out to be the best option for an energy source. Remember, you don’t want your alternative mutual fund to focus solely on one sector. The reason why is because if that particular sector fails, regardless of what it is, you will lose your investment. However, if you are investing in a fund that is spread across various types of alternative energy and renewable energy then if one sector fails you will still have many other sectors in your portfolio that will be able to support the loss. It’s never fun to lose money, but it’s much better to take a small hit than a full blown hit. That’s why it is so important to have a diversified portfolio. Alternative mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers who are knowledgeable of the market. They will be able to make the best decisions with the information they have to ensure your alternative mutual fund is as successful as possible.

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