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Written by admin on April 9th, 2011

Hi There,

As you read this letter I am about to share with you, I know you will be saying “this sounds a lot like me” or “why didn’t I think of that”? The reason why is because this is going to remind you of a lot of things in your life right now! 

First, I want to start off by saying something that may shock you, especially in today’s economy! How surprised would you be to know there is money available to almost anyone regardless of their situation or condition? How surprised would you also be to know it’s also very easy to get as well? 

If there is all this money and it is so easy to get then why doesn’t everyone know about it? Good question and the answer is simple! Because if everyone knew about it then there would not be enough – plain and simple! 

Let me give you an example…

Was there ever a time in your life when you were in a line for a movie, restaurant or something similar and there would always seem to be people that could waltz up and get preferential treatment? Things like the best seat, best prices and deals or whatever. I think you get the point here! What was it they had or knew that made it so easy for them? The answer – INSIDER Information!I can tell you they weren’t born lucky or rich! They had something that you didn’t! They knew something or someone! In plain old english they had inside information! It’s this “Insider” information that can give you a HUGE advantage in life and you know this to be absolutely true! In just a moment we’re going to share with you an incredible story! 

So Whats All This Got To Do With You?

Actually lots! Because if you’re tired of struggling in this economy and are not satisfied with where you want to be in your life right now. Then we just might have the answer you’re looking for! It’s called our 50K Funding™(Automatic Business Credit) System. We show you how to easily get business credit and funding with NO personal guarantee, even if you have bad credit! 

Best of all you don’t need a business or website to get started. You won’t even have to step foot into a bank because we show you how to do everything online! We guarantee if you follow our 50K Funding™ system you’ll get funding – plain and simple! 

This system will walk you through the exact easy steps you need to take to get up to 50K or more in Funding in just a short 60-90 days or less Guaranteed! As we said earlier regardless of your situation! Once you have this “Insider” information you’ll get funded! How exciting is that?

And That’s Not Even the Half of It…

They Got Their Money!

“The 50K Funding system was so easy to follow – Thanks Again!”

Bobby and Sue Garcia

“I didn’t think this was possible until I found you!”

Cindy Johnson & Girls

“I hate to say but I’m glad not everyone knows about this!”

Paul and Sarah Williams

This system is for you if you can answer yes to this one simple question! Do you sometimes ask yourself, “Is there a better way?” Knowing there has to be because you’re sick and tired of scraping by and trying to make ends meet. 

Are there also times when you’re fed up and overwhelmed? If you answered yes – you’re not alone! Do you know how consuming this is – to constantly worry about money? Whether you want to believe it or not! It affects the quality of your life and you know this to be true! 

Are you tired of struggling just too barely keep up with the bills? Isn’t there more to life than bills, work and worrying about money? The good news is this can now be a memory in your past! How? With the 50K Funding™ (Automatic Business Credit) System! 

With this easy to use system you’ll now hold in your hands the answer to a lot of your financial difficulties. Having this extra cash could be the exact answer you’ve been looking for! All because you now have access to this inside information! Imagine, finally having the money to take care of the things you need to take care of! 

This Is Where It Gets Really Interesting…

The 50K Funding™ System absolutely works for anyone from all walks of life. Regardless of age, employment, credit history, none of that matters once you learn the “inside” information of the system! This money is made available because entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the American economy! This is not FREE money – it’s simply money for you to use in any way you see fit! Of course it does eventually have to be paid back and usually at a very competitive rate! 

Here’s the Point We’re Trying To Make….

This money can be used to help get you through these difficult times, start that business you’ve always dreamed of or whatever! It’s about the freedom to do what you always wanted to do or know you can do! Nobody wants to live their life in regret! 

Pay close attention to this! I’m sure there have been many times in your life when you’ve thought, “If only… I could just turn the clock back 5 or 10 years!” This is what I’d do different. Now as you’re sitting here reading this letter, I want you to imagine yourself 10 years into the future. Picture what it could be like if you harnessed and used the potential of the 50K Funding™ System in your life right now!

I Want You to Learn From This…

If you now have that moment captured in your mind, I want you to think about how good it will feel to take a positive step forward with your future! The 50K Funding™ System absolutely can open many doors for you. You just have to make the decision to walk through! Okay enough of the motivation let’s get into some of the exciting details! 

I want you to know that your personal credit has nothing to with you getting this Funding. As a matter of fact this is one of the great things about the program! This works whether you have Good Credit, Bad Credit or No Credit! 

This money is all about success! It’s to be used to help you achieve the financial goals that you want for you and your family! Whether that is catching up on some old bills or starting that exciting new business you’ve been dreaming about! The 50K Funding™ System with Guaranteed 50K Funding can help you achieve these goals! 

Here’s what you can do with this money…

Take CASH advances

Payoff old debt to improve your credit

Lend it out for a profit

Starting a new business

Use it in your existing business

Purchase goods and materials

Invest it as you see fit

And much much MORE!

Is It Really That Easy…

The short answer is yes! Once you have this insider information! Think back to the first time you learned something on your own with limited help or by trial and error! Maybe a computer program, trying to repair something like a car, appliance or whatever. You may have eventually gotten it done! But was it really worth it! Did it actually cost you more in time, mistakes and money? Most people would answer yes! 

Now Imagine For Just A Moment…

Suppose you had an expert standing over your shoulder giving you the “Inside” information! How much easier would that have made the job? We both know the answer to that one! Because if you’re one of those people who has to know everything about anything you’ll probably do nothing! Remember the definition of Insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again! Let’s break that cycle right here and right now! 

All you’ll do is follow these three simple steps:

Simple Step #1: Follow the easy directions.

Simple Step #2: Fill-out the applications online.

Simple Step #3: Sit back and get your money!

Now clearly there are a few more details in between! We just want you to grasp the basic concept of what is happening here! Remember if you let it be simple then it is! As we get older people have a tendency to complicate and over think things! Remember successful people are quick to make a decision and then they stick by that decision. It’s all about finding a way to make it work! 

I want you to think back to a time in your life when you wanted something really bad. It could be something as simple as a date you wanted to go on, or maybe a car you wanted, or that vacation you were bound and determined to take. Think about how good you felt when you actually made it happen!

50K Funding will unlock the secret

Here’s What You Should Do Next…

If you have a willingness to learn and can follow some simple instructions. Then you already have 95% of what it takes to become successful with this system. You’ll easily follow along as we take you by the hand, “step-by-step,” and show you what you must do first, then second, and so on. It really is step-by-step. We’ve also included a “Progress Tracker” so you always know where you are. 

By now you’re probably thinking, “how much is this going to cost?” Would you believe less than a night out for two for dinner? Why? The answer is simple – because during this limited time offer if you qualify we are looking for testimonials for our upcoming seminars next year. What that means to you is that you’ll be getting thousands of dollars of “inside” information for literally pennies! 

There Is Just One Small Catch…

Once you get your money then we need to get a testimonial from you! These testimonials are going to help us build our seminar business next year! Fair enough? We think this is win-win for everyone! We like to use 50K (50,000 dollars) as a conservative Funding number because it can actually go a lot higher then that in most cases! In many cases you can get the money within a very short

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