Black And Decker Jar Opener

Written by admin on April 24th, 2011

Black and decker jar opener is a machine to open a hard enough and stubborn jar lid. Opening a jar lid especially when it becomes immovable at the time when you are busy with your other important tasks waste your time in stress, twist, and pull force that cause pain or sometimes cut in your paw. Black and decker jar opener may run for long time as compare to the other sort of jar opener.

Features and attributes of black and decker jar opener
Black and decker jar opener is one of the best facilities for house wives that always use jars to keep the cookies or all other food stuff of human beings or of pets. From time to time the jar lid start stubborn and hard to open that may a time consuming to open with arm. So if you have neither the time nor the desire to arm-wrestle a jar of applesauce, this black and decker jar opener provides an easy solution. It’s an electric jar opener that easily releases vacuum sealed jar and hard enough or stubborn jar lid. Very simple to operate it, it has an adjustable height and a large release button. Its dimensions is described as; 11.6 inches x 10.2 inches x 10 inches and 5.5 pounds.

How black and decker jar opener works?
The black and decker jar opener can operate very easily. Just place the jar inside the adjustable-height and fix the lid of jar under the strong grip of black and decker jar opener. After that press the button of machine that will pull the force over the lid and twist it automatically and open the jar without any disturbance at first attempt. It makes your work effortless and painless.

Good points about the black and decker jar opener
Everybody wants those things that make your life comfortable. Black and decker jar opener is one that makes your life easy to work especially for those who have less arm strength due to age or rheumatoid arthritis or other debilitating issues, but is also great for anyone to use. Its life time to work is more as compare to other sort of jar lid opener. The great thing about black and decker jar opener is that its battery can recharge by simply plug its switch on electric current, no need of changing batteries daily after use

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