Bill Consolidation ? Combine Debts For One Easy Payment

Written by admin on April 29th, 2011

If you are finding it really hard to repay your multiple bills/debts, then bill consolidation may be a feasible option for you.  You can combine all your existing bills (such as, your medical bills, utility bills, store card bills, credit card bills, etc.), and replace it by a single one. Bill consolidation is also sometimes referred as debt consolidation.

2 types of bill consolidation :

Your multiple bills can be consolidated in 2 ways – Consolidation program and Consolidation loan. Though both are effective in consolidating your multiple bills into a single one, yet they are different in the way they function.

(1)    Bill consolidation program

As soon as you enroll yourself in a consolidation program, the consolidation company will begin to negotiate with your creditors in order to reduce the interest rates on your bills. The company will carefully analyze your financial status and decide upon a single monthly payment that you can afford. It is also the task of the company to get it approved by your creditors. In this way, your entire bill payments will get replaced by a single monthly installment.  You need to make this approved monthly payment to the consolidation company, which in turn, will distribute the payments amongst your creditors. 

You need to pay a certain fee to the consolidation company for its service.

What are the benefits of a bill consolidation program? 

Debt consolidation program offers a number of benefits, which are given below:

•    Only one monthly payment – You need to make a single monthly payment towards clearing your multiple bills.
•    Reduces stress – Your creditors and collection agencies will stop making any more harassing calls.
•    Decreases interest rates – The interest rates on your multiple bills will get reduced.
•    No late payment fees – Your late payment fees will either get reduced or get completely waived off.

How do you choose which consolidation company is best for you?

There are a number of consolidation companies, out of which, you need to decide the one that can benefit you the most. Therefore, it is advisable that you compare the rates as well as the terms of agreement that the consolidation companies offer. You should also verify how efficient they are in handling your accounts.

(2)    Bill consolidation loan

You can take out a personal loan and with the help of that you can repay your multiple bills. In this way, you’ll be able to replace all your bills into a single one. Moreover, you’ll have to make a reduced monthly payment in comparison to the sum of your multiple installments. You can take out this personal loan from any financial institutions or any lender; sometimes, consolidation companies also offer personal loans. 

Though debt consolidation offers a number of advantages, yet there are some disadvantages that you should know before you opt for it. If you choose consolidation program, it will reflect in your credit report. However, consolidation is a better alternative than filing bankruptcy, as the latter has adverse effects on your credit report.

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