Angelo Sferrazza, President, The IL Bridge Fund, Cincinnati, Ohio to apply Bridge Funding Programs to Potential Franchise Purchasers Needing Cash

Written by admin on April 7th, 2011

The Franchise Business Model is being severely impacted by today’s economic woes. Many of those individuals who are out of work are looking to Franchise Purchasing as a way to rebuild their economic future and control their financial outcome. Unfortunately, these same individuals are having trouble financing a franchise purchase because of the housing debt that has affected net worth. Many of those prospective franchise owners are looking at alternative lending to launch their franchises, according to an article in “Small Biz Trends.”

Angelo Sferrazza, President, The IL Bridge Fund, Cincinnati, Ohio is one of the alternative lenders who are providing programs to help prospective franchise buyers purchase and even expand existing franchises. In a new program, The IL Bridge Fund is offering these services to prospective franchise purchasers:

• Financial Mentoring: Evaluating Business Opportunities
• Creative Funding Arrangements, etc.
• Debt vs. Equity Capitalization
• Introduction to Professional Resource Providers
• Creative Marketing for Today’s Technical Environment
• Networking to Grow Business

“Bridge Funding” from The IL Bridge Fund, has funded millions of dollars in transactions for Emerging and Existing Companies, Franchises and Real Estate Investors. We offer “Bridge Funding” to all types of business and real estate opportunities, from franchises to property redevelopment.

Funded Transactions Include- Gold Star Chili Franchise & Building Purchase, an Investor buying, purchasing and rehabbing investments, a Transportation Company, New Car Auto Dealership, TV Production Company, Power-sports Industry Distributor & Manufacturer, Bakery, Restaurants, Service Companies, and Retail Stores, as well as providing “Bridge Funding” to Real Estate Investors for acquisition, property development and rehabilitation.

The IL Bridge Fund was created by Angelo Sferrazza in 2009. The IL Bridge Fund, an Ohio Limited Liability Company, is the funding source for Mid-market Emerging and Existing Companies and Real Estate Investors that have valuable marketable assets that can be used to secure an initial bridge loan (short-term). This approach and overall goal of The Bridge Funding Program is to provide the time needed for companies to secure more permanent funding from traditional lenders (Banks), or investment organizations. This is based on allowing companies the time to validate their businesses. The IL Bridge Fund has funded millions of dollars in transactions to date.


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