An Online Debt Management Program Could Resolve Your Financial Problems

Written by admin on April 25th, 2011

Financial problems can affect anyone at anytime in their life. Unforeseen circumstances can result in mounting debts and increasing difficulty in keeping up with the necessary monthly payments. All of this can cause great stress on both individuals and also families so it is important that the problems are dealt with as quickly as possible. Getting set up on an online debt management program could help to alleviate the financial strain that comes with high levels of debt.


Before you make any decisions on your next step to get yourself back on the road to financial recovery, it is important that you seek the advice of an independent financial advisor. If you choose to jump straight in and start off a repayment plan without looking into things properly then you may end up getting tied into the terms and conditions of the plan without really understanding what you have signed up for. Choosing to deal with your debts head on is a big step so you must make sure that you fully understand what options you have available.


If after speaking with a professional, they decide that you are suitable for a repayment plan then you will need to employ the services of an insolvency practitioner. An IP will basically assess your current situation and take all creditors into account before coming up with a revised monthly payment schedule. They will propose one lump sum payment each month that will generally be less than the total that was previously being paid. The payment that is made will be divided between creditors with the largest creditor receiving the largest sum. Once 75% of your creditors have agreed to the revised payments, the plan can be started.


Generally these plans will be referred to as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or an IVA and they can be a much better solution than bankruptcy. They are not available to all as there are certain criteria that must be met to be eligible but this can all be looked into when you contact the independent advisor. The maximum length of time that the arrangements are usually set up for is 5 years and once this time is up all debts are cleared. In the majority of cases this will result in a fairly large portion of the debt being written off completely.


An online debt management program can be a viable option for a lot of people and it can make meeting monthly payments much easier. However, as previously mentioned, they are not available to all and before entering into any agreement you should seek professional advice.

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