An electric can opener reduces kitchen injury rate

Written by admin on April 1st, 2011

The regular manual hand-held can openers might cause cuts, or get the rust in the food or else create a mess in your kitchen.  One need not fear these things any more. Thanks to the invention of the electric can opener.

A similar electric can opener when first launched in the market, did not attain popularity with the public in around 1930s. It was then promoted as a product which was capable of removing lids of at least 20 cans per minute and without injuring the person using it. However, it was not much popular owing to the fact that the price of this can opener was considered to be high among the consumers. The customary can openers were preferred by them. This can opener was reintroduced in 1956 in the market as a complex wall mounted product and the manufacturers promising 100% safety, which was of no use. Later, in this same year a gadget which was a combination of an electric can opener and knife sharpener was launched which received positive feedback along with higher sales.  

Since then, the product was well accepted by consumers and currently it is being used in small restaurants as well as in home kitchens. The larger restaurants favor the efficient but pricey commercial can openers. There is a wide variety of choices where the electric can openers are concerned. There are some types of openers which are powered using the batteries and are supposed to open about 20 cans at least before recharging again. Some of the electric can openers are supposed to be plugged into a wall socket. These electric can openers do not consume considerable electricity; nevertheless, care should be taken while using them. These openers are specially designed for opening cans. A three in one type of electric can opener is also produced by the manufacturers which are capable of opening not only cans but also jars and sharpen knives as well.

There are many different designs and types of electric can openers available in the market so that they can blend into any and every kitchen. The functionality must never be overlooked when selecting an electric can opener regardless whether it is for commercial or home use. You must take into consideration the efficiency, the size along with the price of the product you are interested in purchasing. If the electric can opener is not going to be in use regularly and it is only for occasional use and convenience, then you can go for the battery operated one.

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