Advanced MLM Training ? Why use a Funded Proposal?

Written by admin on April 10th, 2011

Most people new to MLM and even many veterans are not familiar with the term “Funded Proposal” which is also referred to as “Funded Sponsorship”. Many MLM Training courses will cover this topic in greater detail but this concept is essentially a way of taking your incoming leads or prospects and further qualifying them. A marketing system that uses a Funded Proposal is basically offering a useful product or service to a prospect. Prospects who purchase the product are telling you that they are interested in the sort of products you are selling.


In the MLM industry this product commonly takes the form of marketing systems, MLM training sites and How-to books. The theory is that someone who is willing to buy a book about succeeding in an MLM is a better prospect that someone who doesn’t. It also tells you that the person is willing to spend money on MLM related products which is a good indicator that they have the resources and desire to take their MLM business seriously.


There are two reasons for you to consider using this method of recruiting. The first is that it provides you with higher quality leads for you to spend your time with. The second is that it generates some income for you business so you can fund further advertising and recruiting efforts. Once you have your core MLM business established, it is absolutely essential that you continue to advertise and recruit. MLM businesses have a relatively high failure rate and one of the reasons is because many almost make it but they starve their business of advertising funds and because of this they cannot grow. Using the funded proposal method can ensure that you have a steady source of advertising funds and qualified leads.


Proper selection of the product or service to offer to your leads is absolutely essential. While things like How-To books and MLM Training courses are good, there are even better products that you can offer. The best things to offer are a combination of a useful tool and affiliate program. This way you can offer a good product, get paid commissions from your marketing efforts and allow your new members to utilize the same system. The first of these is something called an Autoresponder. An Autoresponder is an automated messaging system that follows up with leads and prospects. Anyone already in the MLM industry knows that this is the absolute, number one most essential tool for your MLM business. Many of the most popular Autoresponders pay commissions for your recruiting efforts.


Some companies are now offering a full-featured product that includes an Autoresponder, Contact Manager and full MLM Training Program for a very reasonable price. Including MLM Training in this package makes this especially attractive since it now includes the three main elements that are required to operate an MLM business. You are going to want to ensure that the MLM Training is focused on exactly how to do things with step-by-step instructions. The better ones even offer MLM Training Videos so you can actually watch the Trainer perform the tasks.


If you aren’t already using a Funded Proposal for your MLM business, you should seriously consider doing so. It will enable you to grow your business much quicker and more effectively. You should be able to find a good MLM Training program or Autoresponder system to offer to your prospects.

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