Absolutely Free Electricity – Nikola Tesla’s Dream

Written by admin on April 19th, 2011

Absolutely Free Electricity! In today’s economic life, doesn’t that sound wonderful?  But a dream, I can hear you saying. Well, it was the dream of a man called Nicole Tesla.  Born in Croatia in 1856, he was the son of a pastor, and his father expected him to enter the church.  But his mother had much more imagination and she soon realized her son was a small genius.  She put him in high school and later university.

Tesla had the unique ability to design completely in his mind, and while he was studying all his other subjects, he was storing ideas for all his inventions for the future.  He badly wanted to go to America, and by 1900 he was living in New York.  There, he immersed himself in an electrical world, supplying many amazing inventions for industry.

But inventions need financial backing, and Tesla, like many others at that time, had to turn to the great financiers.  J. Pierpont Morgan was very interested.  Morgan came from a family of self made men, and from an early age, his father taught him how to manage the family assets.

J.P. Morgan finished his schooling and went to work as an accountant for the New York banking firm Duncan Sherman, then later left them to work with his father, while at the same time increasing his personal assets. So, when the two of them came together, Morgan did invest a lot of money in Tesla.

The scientist created many electrical wonders but his dream of Absolutely Free Electricity for everyone was always in his mind.  In 1901 he began work on a global system of giant towers that could relay news and information, but they could also relay electricity.

He built a 200 foot tower structure to become his ‘test tower,’ at Shoreham, Long Island.  But his problem was, that to obtain further funding from Morgan, he had to disclose more information than he wanted to. This alerted Morgan to where Tesla was heading with absolutely free energy for the masses, and so in 1906 he withdrew his funding.

For a top financier, the idea of millions getting absolutely energy for free was a nightmare.  It’s thought that he also spoke to other financiers, telling them of  Tesla’s idea, and advising them not to invest in him either.

Tesla then found himself in an impossible position, and had to concentrate on inventions for which he could be paid. Not much later, his laboratory was burnt to the ground, and along with it, all his dreams of free electricity to the masses.  And mankind’s dreams of free power too.

It was never learned who destroyed his laboratory, but there were many theories at the time! Then, in 1917, his huge experimental tower structure was also destroyed. The dream was thoroughly crushed.

Now you know the tragic story of the great inventor Nikola Tesla, meeting the great investor J.P. Morgan.  All is good while money is being made,  but once someone wants to give something free to millions, then everything changes. In this case, humankind missed out on the advances we would have seen from the gift of absolutely free electricity.

Tesla was known as the Father of Electricity, but I think he thought of himself as Father Christmas of Electricity, wanting to give the world absolutely free electricity. Tesla died in 1943 at the age of 87,  having contributed much to our lives, but not having succeeded in giving us his most ambitious dream.

So, there you have a little of the history of absolutely free electricity.  More than 100 years ago it was a dream for one man.  Now it is a reality.  Many people are building their own Tesla system, and having energy for free in their homes.

The same as 100 years ago,  I’m sure the huge electrical suppliers still do not want us to have this information, but times are different, and with the internet, we are now able to access so much more information.  It is thought that within the next twenty years, use of Tesla Free Energy Plans will be global.  Who doesn’t want the end to huge bills,  and the stress that goes with that?

Just think…

No more huge bills
Simple to build with easily accessible parts.
Doesn’t take up much room
Works in all weathers
No fumes, so completely environmentally friendly.
Spare cash each month to use in other ways

I hope you are as excited as I am to imagine being a part of Tesla’s dream. You can right now when you access for yourself Tesla’s free energy plans today.

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