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Written by admin on March 23rd, 2011

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What is it all about?

For me, to make money and enjoy myself of course, at least that is how I am attacking this enterprise, any other way I would go mad. Take a look at my previous articles to give yourself a bit of background.

I have joined a programme and here I am fully ensconced with this program. It lives up to its promises and set me up with my web site and a complete 30 day training program. Whoopee! I am off and running, sit back and wait for some money to roll in.

Foolish, foolish me, once I proceeded to work my way through the training manual my original feelings of euphoria quickly disappeared and a feeling of gloom and doom rapidly set in.

My original thoughts that this should be simple, just join the dots became HANG ON, what is all this unexplained stuff like SEO, active back links/links, resource box, about the author, articles and submitting, blogs, auto responder, advertising and so it goes on. I mean what Are these things?

That is when doubts crept. Do I have the mental capacity and stamina to conquer this?

Talk about too much to absorb immediately and an overload.

I blindly joined all sorts of sorts of things on the basis that it will all sort itself out later and somehow it will tie together.

Then I realised I had better start using the helpdesk and learning, from there I realised that forums, a previously unheard of thing, was the way to go.

Questions, doubts, questions, doubts, question with half answer, more questions, the circle of educating myself was decreasing instead of increasing,.

So 30 days wander past with me up all hours of the night desperately trying to fathom what and how all this went together.

I even printed out most of the training guide and a lot of other information which appeared. Now I have pages and pages lying around, a lot of it repetitious and now that I am a lot further down the track I think I will recycle most of it. Quite frankly, it has served its purpose and I am sick of it cluttering up my office.

Anyhow, finally it all started to sink in. It was quite amazing, once I learnt the absolute basics then the learning progress seemed to accelerate quite quickly.

I now understand the aims and the methods of how to get there, also some of the do and do nots. I know I will never completely learn all about the internet in my lifetime as it is always evolving and changing, BUT that is one of the joys, it is a never ending pursuit of knowledge [refer my previous articles and you will understand that I am always looking for new challenges].

One thing no-one warned me about and which I fell an easy victim to: All the e-mails telling me I must get this and buy that if I wanted to succeed.

I even fell prey to buying various must have tools, which although had a money back guarantee, involved postage and handling. When I realised that it was basically all the same thing I of course sent them back leaving me rather worse off for expensive non refundable postage.

I even [and so far I have kept this quiet] purchased a rather expensive program along the lines of, and before I discovered this program. It was total gibberish to me and I ended up being out of pocket for postage to the tune of some USD 0.

As you can see it is a real problem for the absolute beginner, the person who really does not know anything, even down to the basic language, never mind http.

However, now that I have passed through this and have my business up and running, I am in a situation where I can help, assist and educate other newcomers so that they can effortlessly [and I mean effortlessly] have a successful Money Making Business.

I can eliminate the mistakes I made and teach exactly what one needs to know. Probably what one does NOT need to know is a better way to describe it. Save yourself a lot of grief, do not be a chump and insist you do it your way!

One hurdle of which there is no answer, is the problem of time differences between Australia and USA.

As soon as I find a true expert closer to home, the easier it will be for me to add to my education and hone up my existing knowledge regarding the internet.

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