With All the Available Debt Free Programs Offered, Which One is Best for You?

Written by admin on March 16th, 2011

A Debt free program is geared towards getting one out of debt prison to a debt freedom as long as the best choice is made. To start somewhere, you need to determine the kind of debt that you are suffering from. To do this you need to flash back and answer this question, “how did I get in to this debt?”. Once you have an honest answer in mind for each and every kind of debt you are in, then, go ahead and put them in to different categories.

By categories I mean priority debts and non-priority debts. With priority debts, a creditor or the one to whom you own money to can do anything to gain his money in case you are unable to pay your debt. This includes selling any of your available assets or sending bailiffs to come and take your goods, sell them and get their money back. Non-priority debts are those where whether you are able to pay them or not, no creditor has a right to come and take away your goods or harass you. An example is a credit card debt. When you have a list and a category for each debt then you will manage to choose the best debt free program that will fit what you are looking for.

If you are trying to pay a debt for a home or education, then this will need some serious sort of a debt free program. You could think of debt consolidation, equity loans, credit counseling, debt management plans, and debt settlement balancing with the depth of your debt.

At times you may be in a serious debt and almost going for bankruptcy as a solution. Before you could go for bankruptcy you may consider debt settlement program where you negotiate with your creditors. With your income, you may decide to be saving certain amount into an account until you reach a certain amount that can solve one of your debt. Then you negotiate with the creditor associated with that debt on the amount you can manage to pay. After settling one debt continue with the same program until you are able to settle all your debts. Bankruptcy as a debt free program should be your last decision only after all the others have failed.

For all these debt free programs most of them need that you pay every month a certain agreed amount. This might be difficult for people who do not have a regular income and those who depend on their businesses for their income. They may be affected by business environmental changes such that meeting that agreed amount becomes hectic. For this reason, using a debt counselor would be a great idea.

If your debt is a as a result of a credit card you may use debt consolidation loans to settle it. And if you have a house or an asset you could use it as collateral just to lower the interest rate of the amount you have to pay for that loan. However rushing into a debt free program without an idea on what it entails could really cost you. You need to have this information at your finger tips, compare and contrast each one of the programs since they are all meant to solve that debt problem you are in and come up with the best solution that there is.

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