Unsecured Loans – No Obligation To Pledge Security

Written by admin on March 18th, 2011

Unsecured loans are those loans which are issued by the lender on the credit rating and creditworthiness of the borrower. Here, the borrower is not obliged to pledge his assets as collateral security. He guarantees to repay the loan without any defaults in payment. The financial risk involved in granting unsecured loans is pretty high. Hence it is required that the lender does his full study on the borrower before granting him a loan. The creditor cannot claim any assets of the borrower in case of his default payments or bankruptcy.

Short-term loans approved to cover the daily expense of the borrower are termed as a payday loan. The emergency needs of many individuals are met in times of financial crunch by assuring a safety net through these loans. Loan in US has no lengthy procedures which help in saving the time of both, the lender and the borrower. These loans have an advantage of being easily applied and promptly sanctioned.

Personal loans can be secured as well as unsecured. Unsecured are those loans in which an individual’s promise to pay and creditworthiness plays an important role. Here there is no need for an asset to be pledged as collateral. These loans are considered to be the easiest and fastest way of obtaining loans. The interest rates for these loans are determined from bank to bank and may vary widely. The type of loans granted are primarily based on the amount of money to be borrowed, the period of repayment, the purpose of the loan and the time of repayment.

Secured loans are those loans wherein the lender grants a loan only on a collateral security which means the borrower has to pledge some assets like a house, car etc. In case of a default in payment by the borrower the lender of the loan has every right to take possession of the assets pledged. The creditor has the choice of granting loans with attractive interest rates and also repayment periods. These loans give a sense of security to the lender as he is rest assured of the repayment.

Debt consolidation loan is a loan that pays off two or more loans. The striking and most defining feature of this loan is the lower interest rates along with longer repayment period. Tax benefits can be enjoyed on these loans and individuals are entitled to gain these benefits from the interest of the loan.

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