To Be Debt Free-Tactics To Wipe-Out Your Debt Soon!

Written by admin on March 17th, 2011

Generally speaking, all people want to be debt free. It is a common dream among us. A dream can turn into reality given that a certain sacrifice and commitment goes with it.

And when reality strikes, you will find yourself in serious financial trouble. With credit card bills mounting and various personal loans notices piling up, you feel distraught and worried.

You will regret everything you’ve done. You feel sorry for yourself and wallow into self-pity. But regret, repentance and pity will not pay for your debts. You need to act and get back on your feet and pay those debts.

If you have an excessive amount of credit card and other unsecured debt, the fastest method of eliminating your debt is debt settlement. You may be debt free in about 2-4 years. Also, your monthly payment will be reduced about 10%-60%. In addition, if the debt collectors are hounding you, the debt consultants will employ various strategies to reduce, or eliminate the harassment.

The first thing you have to do to be debt free is to stop using that plastic card. List all your debts and your income. Compare it. Can your income pay for your debts? If yes, then it’s good. Pay your debts. If not, then it’s a problem. But don’t worry, there are several ways to pay off your debts.

Now, make a list of all your expenses. Categorize it into 3 groups:

Group 1 will be the debts you have to pay – credit card, personal loans.

Group 2 will be the items with monthly payment – rent, mortgages.

Group 3 will be the things essential to your daily living – food, transportation, utilities.

Every month, you allot money for group 2. These are the fixed monthly payments you have to pay. Then, set minimal budget for group 3. Your cost of living should be trimmed down to at least 20 percent. Now, all cash left should go to group 1. This way, you can settle all your debts. To be debt free, you just have to follow that procedure religiously.

A debt elimination plan like the one given above can be provided to you by a debt management consultant. They are the experts when it comes to managing debt. You can also choose to consolidate your debts into a single loan. Consolidation companies can help you settle all your debts and fashion you a program that will be affordable and convenient for you to pay and help you to be debt free.



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