Tips for Buying a New Garage Door Opener

Written by admin on March 28th, 2011

Buying a garage door opener should not be difficult, but in today’s world of multiple options and vast variety of products, finding the right garage door opener can sometimes be, shall we say, a bit confusing?  Don’t turn this simple shopping trip into a hassle. Know what you need and what you want before heading to the local home renovation center to order your new garage door opener, and avoid buying the wrong type of opener, and spending too much in the process.

The first step to choosing the right garage door opener to met your needs, begin by asking (and answering) these basic questions:

1.  What Type of Features Am I Looking For in a Garage Door Opener?  If it has been awhile since you went garage door opener shopping, you might be surprised at the features available on today’s models.  Garage door openers don’t just open up access to your home any longer.  Modern openers can also turn on your house lights when activated; warn you if someone slips in the garage from behind your car in the dark; offer remote access; be mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling to free up much needed ceiling space for boats, bikes; open up with virtually no sound to bother anyone in the house and more.   All of these things must be considered when choosing a new garage door opener to make sure you get exactly the model that you want and need.

2.  What Kind of Performance Record Do Specific Models Offer?  There are a lot of different companies making garage door openers these days, so be sure to check the durability record of any models you consider.  Some work well in different types of climates or for different types of garages and doors.  What works well in a warm weather region may give the user problems in a cold temperature zone, so make sure that you check to see that all product reviews discuss the individual concerns you may have to deal with.

3.  Which Garage Door Openers Are Durable Enough to Handle the Job?  Not every garage door opener is equal.  Some are designed to work under heavy duress; while others are made for less hectic use. Consider carefully how you plan to use your garage door opener before choosing one.  For instance, commercial garages featuring heavy steel doors will likely need to use a high horsepower model designed to take a lot of abuse, while residential properties may not need to spend the money on such a high-end model but can easily rely on a smaller garage door opener to take care of their needs.

4.  What Models Are Available?  One look at a garage door opener catalogue and you may be surprised at the number of different manufacturers and models available to consumers these days.  In order to figure out which model will best suit your needs, you will first need to familiarize yourself with a variety of the different types of garage door openers you can choose from.  Here are a few of the most basic styles and models on the market today:

* The Belt Drive Opener: Forget the loud screeches and groans some garage door openers cause when in use, the belt drive opener is one of the quietest models on the market.  Recommended for residential use, , the belt drive garage door opener is recommended for home’s where the garage door is located beneath bedrooms and other living spaces.

* The Chain Drive Opener: Maybe the most popular garage door opener model offered to consumers, the chain drive opener is known best for its superior durability, reliability and performance, not to mention is less expensive price.

* The Screw Drive Opener: Designed to work in even the most frigid temperatures, it is recommended for those living in colder climates who want to ensure hassle-free use during the winter months.

* The Jackshaft Opener:  One of the newest models of garage door openers available in stores, the Jackshaft opener is being embraced by consumers because of its two main features: a standby system that allows the opener to work during a power outage and wall mounting to free up much needed ceiling space for storage.

One you have the chance to really think about what you want and need your new garage door opener to do, you can more easily answer the questions listed above and review the basic models available to make a better informed decision when shopping for that new opener.

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