The Path to Debt Free Living

Written by admin on March 21st, 2011

As per the, Americans owe trillion in non-mortgage debt; this equals around ,000 per household. The average American credit card debt is about 5 billion that equals to ,500 per household. The numbers are growing at a record pace and people are exhausting their savings, selling off their investments to become debt free,but they are still running huge debts. In such a scenario, it seems extremely difficult to live debt free. Though difficult but living a life with no debts is not unattainable.

The route to become free from debt is long, but still with the debt reduction options like making steady payments, debt consolidation or debt settlement you will see a light at the end of the tunnel. Apart from the mentioned debt solutions, a change in life style and borrowing attitude will also assist you in attaining a debt free living.

Enrolling oneself with the debt negotiation or debt management firms is not the only way to become debt free. You can get rid off all your debts on your own with the help of the mentioned debt free steps.

• Payoff the major debts first: Pay off the balance that has the highest annual percentage rate first. When that is paid off, start focusing on the debt that has the next-highest interest rate.

• Stay away from creating new debts: When you in the midst of overwhelming debts, do not create a new debt.

• Create a feasible spending plan and try to increase your income: Reduce your expenses with the help of a spending plan. It’s advisable to make a list of items you are planning to purchase so that you have the prior knowledge of the amount you will be planning to spend. This is important as impulsive shopping can make you fall deeper in debt. Developing a plan in accordance with your monthly income and expenses will help you in setting apart a good amount of money for paying off your debts.

• Avoid using credit cards: try to make payments in cash and checks.

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