Su Ning Shuangnan Chengdu store opened on September 1 Hui

Written by admin on March 28th, 2011

, Chengdu Suning cost of 10 million transformation of the Shuangnan well gorgeous flagship store will be unveiled. According to the relevant responsible person said Su Ning, with its strong linkage with various suppliers advantages and good relationship, a few weeks ago, had to re-Shuang Nan Zhang hoard worth 10 million yuan of special products and promotional resources as much as several hundred million , tomorrow (August 1) opening of the Allure run.

Arrived prepaid deposit is doubled

100 yuan to 200 yuan while spending 200 dollars to 400 dollars when the flowers? Feast of the Zhou Shuangnan store opened, consumers shop early in the stored Shuangnan certain amount of cash, on September 1 and 2 to Shuangnan shop when purchasing home appliances, the deposit is cash you can use double touch?? Prepaid deposit 100 Yuan, shopping, over 1,000 yuan, one-piece direct arrival with 200; prepaid deposit 200 yuan, 2,000 yuan over a shopping list items can be directly arrived with 400; prepaid deposit 500 yuan, 5,000 yuan over a shopping list items can be used directly arrived 1000.

Three more surprises

To arouse the public’s consumption of Chengdu passion, Suning prepared under the multiple close Gifts.

Open Gifts: September 1, 2, during the opening, where the presence Shuangnan shop, the event will be based Suning and elegant gifts to a special custom.

Hao Li
shopping: shopping list items over 380 to 9,800 yuan, will receive soup, seaweed blankets, bicycles, DVD and other gifts, receive up to a Thomson MP4. Enjoy the gift packages purchased packages for home appliances?? Purchase a specified quantity products, single and accumulated over 1,000 yuan over the specified amount, you can get MP4 on the basis of the sending appliance value Malata DVD, Gifts.

New wedding ceremony: The couple married in 2007, opened stores in Shuangnan appliance package purchased during the period, Suning will send a surprise gift.

More colorful members
Thanksgiving Ceremony

Suning has been working to provide members with the most favorable shopping discounts, the best quality service. Zhou Shuangnan shop by the heavy sheets, Suning Te prepared for the members of Five manners.

A heavy manners: Suning membership card holders can be integral in Suning stores card redemption total station;

Double Gifts: Suning membership card holders can be integral card purchases, offset cash;

Triple Gifts: Suning membership card holders, can the card points in exchange for air-conditioning maintenance, cleaning, appliance repair services;

Four Gifts: Bank of Communications and Suning Pacific held a joint card, shopping, enjoy a double integral, credit card installments have manners both hands;

Five Gifts: hold Suning membership card can enjoy the country more than 2,000 businesses preferential discounts and supreme service.

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