Personal Loans – Easiest and Fastest Way Of Obtaining Loans

Written by admin on March 17th, 2011

A loan which is granted to the borrower without using collateral is called a personal loan. Here the individuals promise to pay and his credit worthiness plays an important role rather than the pledged asset. It is the loan that is given for personal use and establishes consumer credit. It is generally unsecured in nature and is based on the borrower’s ability to pay. The types of personal loans granted are based on the needs of the borrower’s, the purpose of the loan, the amount of money needed and time of repayment. Some of these loans are also secured by some kind of collateral security which may include a car or a house or jewelery only if the individual defaults in payment.

Secured loans are loans in which a borrower pledges some assets as collateral security making it a secured debt. In case the borrower defaults in payments the creditor has every right to take possession of the asset pledged as collateral security. By granting loans through security the creditor is relieved from major financial risks as he is allowed to take possession of the asset pledged. The creditor has the choice of granting loans with attractive interest rates and also repayment periods.

To help students pay for their higher education, university fees, books, tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses a student’s loan has been designed. This loan differs from other types of loans mainly because of the lower interest rates and easier repayment terms. Repayment on the principal amount and interest is deferred till the student is out of School. The option of extension of loan is offered by the lender which includes extended payment period.

Unsecured loans are those loans which are granted by the lender to the borrower only on the latter’s creditworthiness and not on any collateral security. Here the lender must have full knowledge about the borrower’s credit rating as he is under enormous financial risk. In the case of bankruptcy of the borrower, the unsecured creditors have no claim over the assets of the bankrupt borrower.

Many business enterprises obtain a loan from banks for their growth and expansion. Such loans are termed as business loans. These bank loans are used by many businesses to finance and expand their operations. These loans help business firms increase production without investing their own capital and potentially gain profits. Obtaining such loans helps business firms in increasing their stability and earns goodwill which increases the credit rating of the firms.

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