Motivation to Achieve Debt Free Living

Written by admin on March 20th, 2011

If you are sitting in front of your computer thinking about debt free living, you are not going to achieve it because a portion of your salary will still go to the bank for repayment. You still have housing loan, auto loan and your credit card debt to pay off. Debt free living seems to be way out of context. Do you have the chance? Where to find the motivation?

I am sure that you have read a lot about how to get out of debt and achieve debt free living but none has actually taught you how to get yourself motivated throughout the process. In this article, you will be learning three simple motivation hacks that will get you pumped out in getting out of debt. Trust me, it will be a success this time. No more giving up.

Achieve Debt Free Living Motivation Tips #1 Set Up Competition
When you were in high school, you love to compete, whether it is in terms of academics or in terms of sports. When you have have competition, you tend to do better and willing to go the extra mile. Why not set up a competition with people around you with the glorious debt free status as the finish line? I am sure not everyone around is enjoying debt free living.

Achieve Debt Free Living Motivation Tips #2 Goal Setting
You should have a goal in everything you do because it gives you a sense of direction and something to achieve. Achieving a milestone in your process to become debt free will give you a great boost. If you are storming forward without a goal like a headless chicken, trust me, you will lose all the steam very soon.

Achieve Debt Free Living Motivation Tips #3 No More Debt
If you want to get out of debt, you should not be getting more of it. Avoid signing up for more credit cards. If you receive them from the banks without request, cut them into two pieces and throw away. You will only spend what you earn. Your lifestyle has to change. You know who are those people that rely on credit cards? LOSERS! Because they will never get out of debt!

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