Miami FHA Home Loans -((97% W/530 FICO)) Buying a Miami Home using a FHA Mortgage

Written by admin on March 21st, 2011

 Miami FHA Home  Loans -((97% W/530 FICO)) Buying a Miami Home using a FHA Mortgage

Miami Dade County Mortgage

Providing mortgage solutions for real estate buyers and owners throughout the Miami Dade county area.

Like many home buyers and homeowners looking for a mortgage in Miami and Dade county, 1st Continental Mortgage has weathered the storm and come out stronger and wiser. With a keen focus on core principles and products like the FHA home loan, we’re ready and able to make a broad range of real estate loans throughout Miami Dade County.

Mortgage Programs With Minimal Down payment and Closing Cost

Down payment less than 3% of Sales Price 100% Financing options available Seller can credit up to 6% of sales price towards buyers costs. No cash or bank reserves are required. FHA regulated closing costs.

Easier Credit Qualifying Guidelines

No minimum Credit Score or credit score requirements. FHA will allow a home purchase 1 year after a Bankruptcy. FHA will allow a home purchase 2 year after a Foreclosure.

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A Dade County Mortgage Lender with Years of Experience!
Experience counts when choosing a mortgage lender, especially in the current Dade County real estate market where home values have slipped and lenders are scrutinizing loan applications far more closely.

It is especially important for first-time home buyers in Dade County communities like Miami Beach and Coral Gables to work with a knowledgeable, service-oriented, and experienced residential loan expert like the ones at 1st Continental Mortgage. Call today at 1-800-570-0448.

Dade County’s FHA Home Loan Boom

As experts in Dade County FHA loans, 1st Continental home loan specialists have helped first time home buyers in communities such as Aventura and West Miami, FL secure the funding necessary to buy homes.

With low interest rates and a glut of homes on the market in Dade County, it’s an excellent time for renters to become first time home buyers in Miami-Dade communities from Bal Harbor to Virginia Gardens.

Because FHA home loans are government backed, lenders making loans on property in Dade County can qualify buyers who have less than perfect credit so long as they have a stable employment history, have a modest down payment, and meet the other FHA home loan requirements.

In the last 6 months, we have seen record numbers of applications for FHA financing from Dade County from cities like Opa-Loca, Pinecrest, and Miami Gardens.

To learn more about the FHA home loan program or to apply for an FHA mortgage in Dade County cities such as North Miami or North Miami Beach, call 1st Continental Mortgage at1-800-570-0448.

Working with experienced Dade County FHA lender will help you get the right home loan. You will have a broker with substantial experience in FHA mortgages, government guaranteed VA home loans, and other special mortgage programs for which you may qualify helping you secure the right loan to buy your Dade County home.

Very few things are worse for you as a home buyer than working with a mortgage broker without enough experience in FHA loans to properly prepare and document a loan application. At a minimum, it delays getting your financing approved. At worst, it can result in your missing your closing date, losing out on a home you want, or not getting approved for an FHA loan at all.

Preparing to Buy a Home in Dade County: Mortgage Pre qualification and Mortgage Pre approval

When a home priced below market in Sunny Isles Beach, FL or Miami Springs, FL comes on the market, it doesn’t last. The selling agent is going to accept the best offer from a pre-approved buyer because he or she does not want to tie up the property with a Home Buyer who can’t get the mortgage financing to close the deal.

Many Dade County real estate agents insist on getting a pre-approval letter with any offer. Because some Dade County mortgage brokers were doing pre qualification letters on nothing more than a conversation with a potential buyer – no credit check, no verification of employment or assets – many Dade County Realtors now require more than a pre qualification letter to accompany any offer to buy.

What does that mean to you?

Get a mortgage pre approval before you look at any homes in Bay Harbor Islands, FL or Florida City or anywhere in Dade County. You will know exactly how much home you can afford, and selling agents will be more likely to accept your offer because you have demonstrated your ability to get financing for your Dade County home.

How Having the Right Mortgage Lender Helps You

Many Dade County home buyers focus on finding the perfect home, not on finding the right mortgage lender to help them get the best loan to finance it. As a result, they pay higher-than-necessary interest rates and get home loans with less than ideal terms.

A good mortgage lender will help you by doing these things:

Doing the preliminary work to give you an accurate picture of the price range of Dade County home that you can afford: Whether you are qualifying for a Jumbo loan to buy a luxury condo in South Miami or a manufactured home loan to buy a lot and home in Homestead, Florida, you need to know how large a loan you can get before you start home shopping in Dade County; Identifying the best mortgage program to use to buy your home in Doral or Key Biscayne or any other Dade County community: The team of mortgage brokers from 1st Continental Mortgage will be happy to help you compare Dade County mortgage programs to assure you of getting the best combination of rate and terms on your home purchase or refinance; Explaining the documentation required to get your Dade County home loan: Your licensed FL mortgage broker will assemble your loan package and check that you have met your lender’s requirements before he submits your loan package to the lender; Giving you an accurate good faith estimate on your Dade County home loan: Some Dade County brokers are notorious for playing games with the numbers on their good faith estimates. They underestimate insurance costs or taxes or omit line items to make the bottom line on their good faith estimates come in lower than those of other Dade County mortgage brokers. These shady mortgage brokers count on the fact that their deception will not become apparent to the home buyer until the HUD arrives right before the closing. Then, the home buyer will pay the difference just to avoid having to start over with another mortgage broker and Florida mortgage lender. It’s unethical, but mortgage brokers in Miami, FL and Miami Shores Village, FL do it all the time. It’s no way to earn a reputation as a competent and customer-focused mortgage broker in Dade County. Expect a properly prepared good faith estimate and white glove service from 1st Continental Mortgage, whether you are buying a home in Hialeah, Miami Springs or any of the other cities in Dade County. Keeping you updated on the progress of your lender in approving your financing for your Dade County home: 1st Continental Mortgage will be proactive in keeping you informed of the status of your Dade County home loan and in dealing with any issues that might delay the closing of your Dade County FHA loan in Hialeah Gardens or any other Dade County neighborhood. Whether you are refinancing an ARM in South Bay Village or getting a mobile home loan in Pahokee, we will give you the best combination of interest rates and terms on your Dade County mortgage. Coordinating the activities of the many professionals who play a role in getting your Dade County home loan closed: Your 1st Continental Dade County mortgage specialist will be your liaison in dealing with Realtors, appraisers, home inspectors, underwriters, title company representatives, etc. You can relax knowing that your mortgage broker is taking care of the details so that your closing will happen on-time and without any surprises.

1st Continental Mortgage’s mortgage pros will be your single point of contact for your mortgage in Biscayne Park or El Portal or any other Dade County city. Call them today at 800-570-0448.

Dade County Pre foreclosure and Bank Owned Properties Attract Miami Real Estate Investors

Prices that are much lower than a year or two ago and the high rate of foreclosure on sub-prime mortgages has created strong interest in Dade County real estate among real estate investors. Many of our best repeat mortgage customers in Dade County are real estate investors purchasing pre-foreclosure homes in cities like Medley, FL or South Miami or rehabbers buying and flipping REOs in Surfside or Sweetwater.

Seasoned real estate investors recognize that now is an excellent time to be bargain hunting in Dade County’s real estate market. With the long term prospects for continued population growth and with good prospects for the Dade economy, now may be the right time to buy investment property in Dade County.

FHA 203b home loans allow qualified home buyers to borrow 100% of the purchase price of a home and up to 00 to make repairs on Fannie Mae foreclosures. FHA home loans and specialized home loans such as the FHA 203b loan have been popular home loans

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