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Written by admin on March 25th, 2011

Let me introduce to You this affiliate program – GenBucks!

Now you can start your own online store and get paid to promote GenBucks products. And there are not just one or two products , but many many products to choose from to promote.

You dont need to have any education or programming skills. You dont need to have own website. YOU DONT NEED TO PAY ANYTHING! Its FREE.

The cool thing is that your income is actualy commission. The more sales you make the more money in commissions you will get. Thats why , this affiliate is not SCAM. GenBucks will make money , only if you make money. You make sales and get commission -> they get profit, thanks to your sales. And believe me , the commissions are just GREAT – Up to 50% per sale. If you made sale of a product with price 100$ , you get 50$ … amazing!

Let me tell you , what you will get with the signUp:

1. FREE Hosting

2. FREE WebSite Template

3. FREE Content and Articles

4. FREE Stats

5. FREE SEO Tools

6. 24h Support

And i will repeat : All this for FREE , You dont need to pay anything to anyone!!! Remember this, real affiliate programs will not ask you for the money to sign up.

So , you have nothing to loose, you may just get paid!

Sign UP

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