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Written by admin on March 18th, 2011

A loan can be defined as a debt created when one party borrows an asset from another and promises to return the same with some amount of interest within a stipulated period of time. Loans are usually cash or money based. Here the person/party receives or borrows the money and is hence called the borrower, the money borrowed is called the principle and the person from whom the money is borrowed is called the lender.

Cash loans are loans that involve the exchange of cash either through account transfers or direct lending. Here the criteria to be fulfilled in order to be able to avail a cash loan are basic – eighteen and above in age, active bank account and resident of the country. No extra documents are needed as this is the simplest form of a loan. Here repayment is predetermined and is usually in a day or within thirty days. These loans are targeted at the lower class of people who may not have any savings.

Commercial loans are loans that are offered to various types of business enterprises to assist them with their short term fund requirements. It is a short term source of cash for a business which maybe used to meet the payroll, buy new machinery etc. The creditworthiness of the borrowing entity is usually pre-checked before granting such a loan. The advantage of such a loan is that banks offer very competitive rates of interest due to its popularity and high demand.

Consolidation loans are loans that used to pay off other pending loans. They are useful as they are available at a low interest rate and a person has to worry about paying off just one loan instead of various loans separately. These loans are usually secured in nature and hence some collateral such as house or any sort of property comes into the picture which helps bring down the rate of interest. These loans are usually used to pay off credit card debts which carry a very high rate of interest.

Construction loans are loans that are used to finance construction projects and infrastructure creation projects. The defining feature of such a loan is the fact that the borrower needs to only pay the interest on the loan before and during the construction process and he has to start paying the principle amount only once the construction is complete and the project has taken off. If the construction fails or stops, as per the agreed terms there maybe a certain amount of reimbursement.

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