Loan Modification Help Center ? Who Should You Trust With Your Loan Modification?

Written by admin on March 25th, 2011

If you are seriously considering a home loan modification, you probably are researching the subject and exactly what the loan modification industry is like.  Home loan modifications are definitely not something new, but they are new to many people.  The recent real estate and credit crisis has people wondering how long they can last in their current situations; some have mortgage payments which have spiked due to adjustable interest rates and others are threatened by foreclosure.  

Looking for answers is nothing new, and looking for exactly who can provide a way out is also nothing new.  In researching loan modifications, you may have already discovered that there are a number of companies out there willing to take your money.  However, many of these companies provide empty promises, because they are not fully equipped to help you in your time of need.  A loan modification company can really only provide effective assistance if they employ, or are run by, a loan modification attorney.  The reason is that the negotiating can only be done by an individual who has power of attorney.  Also, reviewing the mortgage contract and being able to give legal advice on laws governing mortgage loans is the domain of an attorney.  Without a loan modification attorney, a loan modification company is like a dog with no teeth, all bark and no bite.

You may also have come across companies selling you software or “how to” books on handling your own loan modification.  Unfortunately, this will only set you back hundreds of dollars and might even harm your chances of getting a loan modification.  Such programs and books will promise to provide you with information on lenders, tell you which loan modification options are right for you, let you know if you qualify for a loan modification, and more.  They might even try to claim they can teach you how to lower your interest rate, eliminate fees and do your loan modification negotiating yourself.  These programs can be inaccurate, misleading and dangerous.  If you make a mistake on your loan modification application, you could ruin your chances of getting a loan modification and even lose your home if you’re in the midst of foreclosure.

You need someone you can trust with your loan modification, someone with experience, knowledge and a track record of success.  A qualified loan modification attorney can provide you with the insight you need, as well as the support you deserve.  Instead of trying to figure out forms and paperwork that you can’t understand, or trying to handle a complex process on your own, contact a loan modification attorney.  You do not want to be left on your own to negotiate with some mega-bank, or organizing three years’ worth of financial paperwork with no guidance.  You need an experienced professional who can make the process easier for you and help you keep your home.  Avoiding foreclosure is possible, but only if you trust the right people to get you a loan modification.  Contact a qualified loan modification attorney today to begin the process of keeping your home.

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