Lawsuit Settlement Loans to get Cash Prior to a Lawsuit Settlement

Written by admin on March 25th, 2011

Lawsuit settlement loans, or also known as settlement loans, pre-settlement loans or lawsuit cash advances are an excellent way for plaintiffs to get cash prior to their lawsuit settlement. Many plaintiffs during a pending lawsuit go through financial hardships. This can be most evident in cases regarding accidents or personal\workplace injuries since the plaintiff is most likely unable to work. Being unable to work can result in medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments and living expensive pile up while the plaintiff no longer has a source of income. This is where a lawsuit settlement loan can save the day and provide the plaintiff with 0% risk.


A lawsuit settlement loan is actually a ZERO risk option for plaintiffs, you’re probably wondering how this is possible; it’s due to the fact that the plaintiff is not required to pay back the lawsuit settlement loan if they don’t win their case. That’s right, if your pending lawsuit reaches a verdict in favor of the defendant you do not pay back one dollar of the lawsuit settlement loan. This is because lawsuit settlement loans are considered non-recourse debts and not actually loans. Since the collateral is your settlement if you don’t reach one you would not be able to pay back the loan. If lawsuit settlement loan providers still required you to pay it back even when you lost it would be considered predatory lending and against the law. With a lawsuit settlement loan you safely can access funds you need to get by while having not having to worry how you’ll pay it back if you lose your case.


Lawsuit settlement loans are also approved differently than traditional loans, the approval process is based on how solid and strong your case is. Lawsuit settlement loan lenders do not review your credit history; in theory you could have the worst credit in the US and it will not affect the approval process. Employment status and income level also do not affect the lawsuit settlement loan approval process. Plaintiffs need to understand that approval for your lawsuit settlement loan is based on your case; not your personal credit and ability to pay back a loan. This allows ANYONE the ability to apply for a lawsuit settlement loan if they have a sound case.


Prior to applying for a lawsuit settlement loan you should discuss it with your attorney. The lawsuit settlement loan providers will be required to speak with your attorney and review specific documents related to your case. Giving your attorney the heads up allows them to have all the proper documents ready and be prepared to answer the lender’s questions. You’ll also want to make sure any agreements with your attorney won’t be broke by applying and accepting a lawsuit settlement loan. Hopefully if you’re facing financial hardship due to a pending lawsuit a lawsuit settlement loan can help you out.

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