How To Become Debt Free In One Year? The Easiest Way Ever!

Written by admin on March 16th, 2011

What is the first step to become debt free?

If an individual has qualities like determination, discipline, and patience etc., then a debt free life is possible even in adverse financial situation. The first step for a debt free life is to admit that you are facing credit debt problems.

In this context, you should never avoid a creditor’s call or the debt collection agent. Do not run away from your financial problems and decide in haste that may lead to difficulties.

What is the best way in which the problem can be handled?

It is highly recommended to approach the debt consolidation committee or debt recovery and settlement companies. Take the professional help and support to know how to get out of debt and find an amicable solution through debt negotiations in order to become debt free in a year.

There are times when an individual wants to pay his/her pending bills in a single payment at lower rates. If it is your case, then availing debt consolidation for bad debt programs is considered beneficial where debt consolidation lenders can provide you with a solution.

What should be your duty now?

If a person wishes to reduce the debt amount or get low interest debt consolidation, then the right place to approach is the debt settlement department of banks or credit card companies. In this case, a series of free debt counseling is provided by consolidation/settlement companies.

What is the information to be furnished by the borrower?

Here, the right solution would be suggested after analyzing the financial situation of a person to become debt free in a year. In order to give a better picture to the counselor, one should provide the name of the creditor, amount borrowed, rate of interest, “pay my bills dates”, and the corresponding monthly installment payments.

What does a counselor take into account?

Generally, a counselor -in order to prepare a monthly budget for the family expense- takes into consideration multiple income sources. This includes the total amount a person owes and his/her monthly income plus other source of income to help him in becoming debt free in a year.

Next, consultants negotiate with the client’s creditors on their behalf keeping in mind the banking norms and the credit card debt law. It is recommended to let your consulter does this job for you as it can increase your chances to receive not only debt assistance, but also a debt relief grant.

The earlier established debt interest rate in the market plays a major role in such financial statements. With the help of low interest debt consolidation loans, the settlement can be fixed easily by the bank/credit card companies and your consulting agency.

What are the basic principles of such agreements?

Indeed, this debt consolidation loan rate may be moderately acceptable by the client. The monthly payment due is meagerly fixed for a long term. This paves the way for a better customer who will become debt free in a year and can continue his relationship with his bank.

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