Help With Debts – The Best Debt Free Solutions That Can Help You Become Debt Free

Written by admin on March 29th, 2011

Most people need help with debts but are too afraid to admit that they do have a debt problem, and secondly they don’t understand the underlying problems which cause them to be in debt in the first place. Now there is lots of information out there that can help with debts, but the trick is to first understand why you are in debt. The truth is that you have been conditioned to be in debt, and this conditioning keeps you poor and not able to become a debt-free person. There is a “system” that is keeping the masses ignorant about their money. They are not telling you the truth, and they want you to stay in debt!

Why is this? Let’s quickly see…

We have been conditioned by the system to believe that it is totally alright to buy things on credit, thereby allowing you to take possession of it and “falsely believing” that you truly own that thing.

So the system totally confuse you. The system have conditioned you to get a degree or after schooling qualifications, therefore you are going to get a job and a salary. The salary simply means that you are a slave. A professional qualified slave that is working for your money. Now that you are getting a salary the system says but you can now enjoy it. You have earned the right to enjoy it. You have worked extremely hard. You can buy the car, buy the house and you can go overseas and you can get the credit lines.

The moment that you enjoy something, but you did not earn the right to enjoy it, you are going to pay a penalty. In other words if you want to drive a car, it is possible if you have got the income to buy the car at the end of the month or immediately because you can get the credit to buy it. But in doing so, you are in fact renting a lifestyle. It is not your car, it is the bank’s car.

We must also work for other people, mostly through debt. This is how the system has been designed and that is why you have a job.

If you need help with debts, I strongly urge you to first understand the core fundamentals of what is keeping you in debt at a deeper level. Only then can you make informed decisions about your money to become and live debt free.

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