Florida FHA Guidelines Loans Under 620 Credit Score, ALL DAY LONG

Written by admin on March 23rd, 2011

Florida FHA Guidelines Loans Under 620 Credit Score www.FHAmortgageFHALoan.com

It is still very possible as a Florida homeowner or Florida homebuyer to purchase a Florida home with less than a 620 fico score under the following conditions:

lorida FHA Guidelines Loans Under 620 Credit Score

Purchases (Min 530 score)

12 months cancelled checks or Management VOR Must have 3 open and active tradelines for last 12 mths Payment shock limited to 1.5 times 35/45 Max DTI No late’s or collection in last 12 months NO late’s after BK

 Refinance’s ( Min 530  score)

o 0x30 on Mortgage

o 35/45 MAX DTI

o No cash in hand

o Tangible net benefit

o NO late’s after BK

o NO consumer lates in last 6 mths

No Score Borrowers

 3 Alt tradelines 0x30 with 12 month history

Management VOR or 12 months cancelled checks

Max ratio 31/43

NO collection other than medical

For first time home buyers and other borrowers, the FHA home loans can have key advantages:

Easy Qualification – The FHA loan insures lenders against loss for loans made to properly qualified FHA home loan borrowers. So you’re likely to find FHA mortgage loans with terms that make it easier for you to qualify.

Minimal Downpayment Requirements – FHA mortgages can work with as little as 3% down and those funds can come from a family member, charity, or your employer. Although the FHA loan does not have a zero down mortgage option yet, you will find that your 1st Continental Mortgage loan officer can point you to many Downpayment assistance programs that work well with Florida FHA home loans.

Less than A-1 Credit is Okay – The Florida FHA home loan program exists to expand the pool of home buyers. Even borrowers with prior bankruptcies or mortgage lates get approved every day for FHA mortgages to buy or Refinance homes in Hillsborough County or any of the other Florida counties we serve. The FHA loan program uses credit quality, not credit score!

Lower Cost Over the Life of the Loan – The Florida FHA home loan rates are extraordinarily competitive. FHA’s lower risk to the lender means a better rate for the borrower.

Safeguards for Borrowers Who Get Behind – The Florida FHA loan mortgages also allow the lender more options in helping borrowers who fall behind keep their homes are get current again: special forbearance, workouts, even free mortgage counseling. Further, HUD can allow the lender to take past due payments and move them to the end of the loan and in some instance will actually pay your past due payments for you. Options to save your home you’ll never get from a conventional loan! In an uncertain world, this is another excellent reason for you to get an FHA mortgage.

Options for Manufactured Housing – Under certain conditions, you can even finance a Mobile home or manufactured home using a Florida FHA mortgage loan. Call 1-800-570-0448 to get pre-approved for a Florida FHA loan for manufactured home.

FHA Loans Are Fully Assumable – When you are ready to sell your home, you can offer buyers FHA financing! All FHA loans can be assumed by qualified buyers.

These are just seven of the many good reasons to apply for an FHA mortgage. Call 1-800-570-0448 to speak with a friendly Florida FHA loan specialist now!

FHA home loan Advantage:

FHA Home loan insurance guarantees the private FHA approved mortgage lenders against loss making it easier for Florida homebuyers to qualify for a home loan with less then perfect credit, Other FHA advantages include:

 ·      Down payment requirement only 3.5% gift funds OK.

·      Better Interest rates.

·      Seller paid closing cost up to 6%.

·      No Minimum Fico or Score requirement

Apply for an FHA home loan at www.FHAMortgageFHALaon.com

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