Eliminating Guilt Is One of Your Vital Steps to Financial Freedom

Written by admin on March 30th, 2011

Feelings of guilt arise when the mind attempts to correct something which has happened in our past. Many people experience guilt at the thought of achieving financial freedom – after all their parents and grandparents probably worked hard for all their lives before they could think about retirement.

I really began to unlock the guilt puzzle after listening to an excellent audio class by David Neagle and have found this audio so valuable that I now give it away to all subscribers at Steps To Financial Freedom (with David’s permission). Neagle asserts that if you’ve been brought up to believe that security came from working hard by trading you limited and valuable time for money, saving for a pension and using those savings to retire, then you probably have a strong belief that money is a finite and scarce resource. I was brought up this way and had formed the belief that money was a strictly limited resource, that I had to work very hard to acquire it and consequently, life was something of a struggle.

This false belief was based on the learning that if I was restricted to trading my limited and valuable time for money, the amount of money I could earn was always going to be limited. However the fundamental truth is that time is the finite resource in life, not money – there is a virtually infinite amount of money in the world and by earning more of it, you are not taking money away from anyone else or anything else. When I really got this point “in the muscle” and not just intellectually, everything started to change. Subconsciously, I had been blocking abundance and wealth by believing that money was a limited resource and that if I achieved financial freedom, I would somehow be taking money away from others who were still “having” to trade their limited and valuable time for money.

Shedding the guilt can be a challenge. Others can sometimes feed the guilt as you take steps to financial freedom and they begin to realize that you are succeeding as they start to give up on their own dreams. Sometimes, this happens subconsciously and all you’re left with is a feeling of awkwardness which seems to put pressure on the relationship. Here’s the thing – your peer group will almost certainly change as you begin to move towards and achieve financial freedom. Guilt is a pointless and unproductive emotion which doesn’t serve you. Acknowledge it’s there to teach you something powerful. In my case, this was the lesson about money being an abundant resource and time being the finite resource. Once you get this “in the muscle” too and most importantly take action based on the learning, you will certainly be able to move on and achieve financial freedom as a coach, trainer or therapist.


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