Debt Reduction Help – Powerful Debt Free Solutions That Can Help With Debts

Written by admin on March 29th, 2011

We live in a world where we are bombarded with endless conditioning and brainwashing on a daily basis to keep buying things on credit and this keeps you more and more debt enslaved. Even when you do get help in the form of debt consolidation services, you can still get ripped off. It is very hard to find true and valuable debt free solutions or help with debts. Everyone is out to make a buck out of you and a lot of the times you don’t even know it.

So what are the steps that you should take that will insure that you get the right debt reduction help and that you will make the best choices about how to spend and invest your money wisely.

1. Invest in yourself first.

By educating yourself and learning the real underlying issues about debt, you can make informative decisions about your money matters.

2. Negotiate with your creditors for better interest rates.

Creditors usually are willing to negotiate payment amounts, interest and terms. Contact the creditor and tell them that you want to pay off your debt, but that they need to give you better interest rates and payment arrangements. Don’t stretch the payment terms too long. Adjust it to what you can afford at the time and you can always pay in more or adjust it as you progress or when you have more money available.

3. Pay more on the high interest debt first.

It is important that you pay higher interest debt first or pay the most money in on it, because obviously this high interest debt is what will drain you the most financially. So structure you debt payments in a manner that you will pay your high interest debt off sooner.

4. Discipline yourself to stick with your debt payment plan.

You have to discipline yourself to stick with the debt repayment plan and with the set amount that you are paying, because it is easy to get side-tracked and create more debt again. In the beginning it might feel uncomfortable, but you have to stick with it and I can guarantee you that soon you will start getting excited when you notice how quickly the debt is being paid off. You will even find money that you thought was never there and use that surplus money as well, to pump into your debt payments.

5. Learn how to create more money.

Whether it is getting promoted at work or getting a part-time income or business, creating or earning more money and using that extra money to pay more for your debts can rapidly reduce your debts.

6. Invest your money wisely for exponential returns.

Learn to invest your money wisely where you have total control over your money. Not the 401k plans or shares that you don’t have control over. Investing in property can give you exponential returns, but only if you have the right knowledge and have carefully calculated the growth and the risk factors. I would rather suggest that you pay of the debt first, then you will have much more freed up money available to invest.

This is powerful debt reduction help strategies if you seriously need help with debts. If you follow these steps it can definitely set you on the right course that can guarantee success with getting you out of debt and staying debt-free.

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