Debt Management Uk: One Stop Solution for Multiple Debts

Written by admin on March 28th, 2011


Debt management UK primarily deals with unsecured debts such as personal loans, credit cards, overdrafts, store cards, student loans, etc. It offers numerous debt solutions for those who are struggling to repay debts. This involves talks with the creditors and helps to sort out the finances and reduce one’s debt repayments. Hence, debt management offers solutions that allow one to pay the lowest probable repayment options.


Debt management gives a debtor a chance to merge all the high interest paying unsecured loans into one single combined loan with low rate of interest. This single combined loan will have a single monthly repayment from which all the high interest paying unsecured loans will be paid. These programs have been specially designed keeping in mind one’s financial circumstances, hence are flexible and vary from individual to individual.


Debt management is beneficial to the debtor as it relieves him from the burden of paying to different creditors and also getting harassed by them during times of default. It also takes care of debts and various other financial obligations. It provides a consolidated loan at low rate of interest with a wide range of option to choose to suit ones’ budget and debt condition. Debt management also gives free advice to the borrowers to facilitate better management of finances. One can apply online and get a free quote from the lender which will be helpful in understanding the various costs involved with debt management. Often a financial expert guides a borrower to choose the debt management which will suit his needs and requirements. However to avail for a free “No fees” debt management program, one must have unsecured financial debt of at least £8000 with 3 different creditors, can make a payment of at least £100 monthly towards the debt management plan and the financial condition not likely to change in the next 6 months.

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