Debt Management Program: Relieves You From the Debt Trap

Written by admin on March 30th, 2011


If you are fortunate then you will never get into the clutches of the debt trap. But not everyone is as fortunate. So, in case if you have borrowed money from different creditors and find it difficult to manage the repayments there are chances that you will get entangled in financial crisis. At such times, you can take help of debt management programs which help to plan your repayments and thus clear off the debts as soon as possible.

Normally, debt management comes into picture when the borrowed money is unsecured loan and from multiple creditors. You are required to approach a reputed debt management company who will appoint their personnel to plan your debt repayments. The person takes into account the monthly income and the current assets, if any. Taking this into consideration he makes a plan as to what is the affordable repayment figure for each creditor.

Debt management program serves many benefits. The biggest advantage is that the expenses on the current debts like late repayment fees and interest are to be waived. This avoids piling up of debts. Also, according to the available disposable income the planner decides upon the repayment figures, time span etc. The debt management companies can advice for free or can charge you a monthly fees depending upon the terms of the company.

After applying for a debt management program, your creditors won’t harass you anymore. The debt management company decides the amount to be paid to each creditor every month for a particular duration. And the creditor can not demand any change in this arrangement. The debt management company takes the entire responsibility and you don’t need to deal with the lenders. It can manage the funds varying from £3000 to £250000.

The company sends the repayment program to the lender who has to approve on the same. If 75 percent of the creditors (by value) agree then the program is valid and is effective.

Many people think loan consolidation as a better option. But with that you are again raising one more lender. And if it is a secured loan you have a risk to lose your property. Hence, when you feel that managing so many debts is out of your reach and you are facing a financial crisis then you must opt for debt management.

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