Debt Free Living – Is Living Debt Free Even Possible?

Written by admin on March 17th, 2011

Would you like to be living debt free? I am sure for a lot of people getting debt free will not be easy, but you can do it. I know it will be great one day that I do become debt free. It was just too easy to get all those things I didn’t genuinely need but believed I must get.

For a lot of years going way back into the history of this country many more people were debt free, and almost everybody had much less debt. I recall how my parents and their friends talked about having debt. Any amount debt was a serious issue. They did not want to have debt. They understand how it is that a person losses some of his freedom every time he takes debt.

Having debt, carrying debt…The debtor must have his regular fix. It may have been easier in the days when more people kept the same job for many years. Today even good jobs come and go like like the breezes. Can you expect to have the same job you have today 5 years from

Recently I sold my really nice car. Why? I did it so I could get free of the payment even though I wound up driving a less nice car. The new car has one spiffy accessory, it is a paid for car. Living Debt Free is about freedom. Fredom from oweing and oweing and oweing.

You may have to make some sacrafices to enjoy debt free living. In the long run the peace of mind and freedom you will gain will be more satisfying.

One Christmas I recal us kids getting a big gift for all of us. Funny thing I don’t remember what it was becasue the day we got it my brothers and I spent some hours playing in the box it came in. I do remember the fun we had.

Try to think how your life could be without all the debt. If you can get a good image of how much less stress you would have that is a good start. Then start working on how to live for less. It is ironic how it is that with less debt stress I don’t feel as much the need to have more stuff.

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