Best Debt Management Companies ? The Importance Of Finding A Reputable Debt Advisor

Written by admin on March 27th, 2011

Debt management is a process that has helped thousands of people to get rid of debt and live a normal, debt free life once again.  It is also sometimes known as debt consolidation in the US, though this should not be confused with debt consolidation loans, which are entirely different.  Debt management does not involve borrowing any money.  The actual arrangement which is set up is known as a Debt Management Plan, or program, and these are arranged by specialist companies who are experienced in helping people deal with serious debt problems.

When you are in the midst of a debt crisis, there is a danger that you can turn to the first organisation you come across who says they can help you.  While you may get lucky and hit upon a reputable organisation, it is statistically much easier to get it wrong.  There are a lot of financial companies out there, which can seem like a good thing in terms of healthy competition, but the unfortunate fact is that a good proportion of them do not have your interests at the top of their agenda.  It is all too easy to be taken advantage of when you are in desperate circumstances and some of these companies do just that.

It is perfectly right and proper that a debt advisor gets paid for providing a useful service.  The good thing about the best debt management companies is that the fees you pay them are well worth the money and still leave you much better off that you would have been without their help.  Less scrupulous companies, however, will not be transparent about their fees and you can end up paying far more overall than you would have on your own.

The first thing you need to do if you are considering approaching a debt management company is to have a general understanding of the process, so you are less likely to be misled and you will be more aware of what questions you ought to ask.  When you set up a debt plan, your advisor will take over all dealings with your creditors, and contact them on your behalf to negotiate new repayment terms.  This usually involves freezing or reducing interest charges and late payment fees.  Under the new agreements, you just pay one monthly fee to the management company until the end of the program.

The main advantages are that your creditors should stop bothering you as they will be dealt with by the debt advisor and you only have one manageable monthly payment to think about.  With the best debt management companies you will also get expert help with preparing a financial statement, which is important in convincing your creditors that you can’t afford to pay them back at the original rates.  Another advantage of debt management, compared to some of the alternative debt solutions, is that it is an informal agreement, so if your circumstances change, you can change or cancel the agreement.

To make sure you take full advantage of the positive things a debt management plan can offer, it is very important to select one of the best debt management companies.  You should always approach at least two companies, so that you can compare what they offer you.  You also need to feel comfortable with the individuals from the debt management company, as you will have to talk to them about quite personal information and will be dealing with them for quite some time.  Try to avoid companies that are not well established and follow personal recommendations where possible.  Making contact is extremely easy and usually done online in the first instance.

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