Becoming Debt Free ? Proven Solutions For Getting Out Of Debt

Written by admin on March 30th, 2011

If you want to become debt free fast, then you simply have to take the right approach, apply sound techniques and strategies if you are going to succeed. But there is a problem. You see most of the information out there will get you nowhere, and if you do make any progress, it’s never anything substantial.

Well all that stops today, because I am about to reveal below two killer strategies that can put you on the road to eliminating your debts once and for all.

Strategy #1: Debt Consolidation
This strategy works by simply pooling all your current debt obligations under one single monthly payment. The benefit of this is that instead of having your loans scattered all over the place, you more or less owe only one person. The new monthly amount is usually handled by a debt consolidation company, who charge you a premium for the service.

Debt Consolidation will certainly help you to become debt free fast, but it won’t do it as quickly as the next strategy that I’ll go into below…

Strategy #2: Debt Settlement
This strategy is simply my favorite. Debt Settlement works by negotiating a reduction in the total amount owed by you to the lender. Of course you can see the immediate advantage of this strategy over the first one, since it eliminates debt right away.

The negotiation process can be handled by you but is usually laborious, filled with frustration. Due to this most people use a debt settlement company to carry out this task. These companies usually have good working relationships with lenders such as credit card companies, sound industry knowledge and are always better capable of negotiating a better deal.

Going Forward – What to Do?
Now that I have outlined the two strategies I hope you see that adopting strategy number two is the way to go. And if you are worried about finding a reputable company to sort it all for you, don’t be. Some of the best companies in the debt settlement business can be found online and most only require your name and email to get started. Yes, it really is that simple.

Better still, if you can find some consumer who has tested a companies services before, why not use their experience to gauge the company’s repute? This has saved many people the time and energy of sifting through online company after company, and there is no reason it shouldn’t help you become debt free fast.
Final Note: Both debt consolidation and debt settlement can be an overwhelming and frustrating process. Having a specialist on your side can greatly reduce the stress, as they do all the work for you. I highly recommend that you first start off with a free debt evaluation in order determine the best course of action based on your financial situation.

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