Be Debt Free-save the Boat From Sinking

Written by admin on March 21st, 2011

As soon as one hears the word ‘debt’, the immediate feeling or thought that flashes the mind is ‘bad’, and gets the treatment of an enemy to be evaded or destroyed at all costs. But debt has assumed the position of an unavoidable evil in the present day modern society. Due to social pressures individuals are tempted to make more expenditure to lead a lavish lifestyle. The aim and objective of a specialized professional debt help is to make individuals totally debt free and not to make them fall further in deeper debt trap.

Having huge debt and bad credit does not mean that the individual cannot lead a life with self respect. There is nothing to feel guilty about having enormous debt. There is no need to conclude or arrive at a judgment on indebtedness as worse, since any prejudiced opinion may cause an individual caught with stress, fear, anxiety, and head ache. It is a popularly accepted principle that the obsession which is constantly focused ultimately gets expanded and grows further. The aim in debt relief should be to get out of the debt which is an important job to be done in the beginning. Paying off the creditors with meticulous planning and action is the only way to deal with rising debts. There is no need to develop stress or anxiety about living and spending beyond resources and means. There is nothing to feel uncomfortable or painful on discussing the topic of debt and money. The subject of money or debt management is not conventionally taught in any business school, but has to be learnt by actual practice. An effective training on debt management can be learnt from friends, families, neighbors, TV shows and co-workers. They all pass on their outdated beliefs and opinions based on their experience which have to be filtered while applying them to solve the present day debt problems.

Without treating or concluding debt as good or evil, a workable and practical solution can be explored based on financial situation and circumstances. Becoming debt free is the real and actual freedom and economic independence with which one can live in peace. In our day to day affairs, everyone wishes to offer credit, be it a grocery store, local bank or petrol station. Though credit, as a tool, serve all the purposes of life, it should be kept under tight control and restraint according to budget.

To become totally debt free, first of all there should be an admission of debt and need of a strong will to become free. Only when the whole of responsibility of debt is owned, a long lasting solution can be attempted. A road map, plan and strategy have to be designed to walk freely and not fall in further debt trap. The mind should be kept open to find a permanent solution.

A resolution against debt should be drawn psychologically and no more new entry of debt should be added to the existing list of debts. A paradigm shift can be brought about by having a change of outlook in beliefs, attitudes and habits on buying products and services on credit. Attitude and outlook about credit/money serves the mind to make fresh choices in support of financial freedom. If one is not able to control expenditure to become debt free, expert and professional debt help should be sought immediately to save the boat from sinking.

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