Bargain hunting tips ? Buying an ?open box’ product

Written by admin on March 31st, 2011

What is an ‘open box’ product?

When buying consumer electronics, ‘Open box’ items generally refer to products that have been opened by the customers and returned to the retailer. They are usually ‘like new’ and are most of them are factory tested to make sure that the item is functioning as expected. The manufacturer/retailer then repackages the returned item and sells it as an ‘open box’ item with a huge discount. Customers can find cameras, computers, televisions, answering machines, telephone systems and other consumer electronics as ‘open box’ items, which is usually a very small percentage of the retailer’s sales inventory.

Why should you buy an ‘open box’ deal?

Buying an ‘open box’ item can be a great way to get a good product at a bargain price. Even though the term ‘open box’ may have a negative connotation attached to it, there is no reason why you should not buy the unit. Most of the time, when there is nothing wrong with the product, a retailer will just reduce the price and resell it as an ‘open box’ special. These deals vanish quickly from the online stores as bargain-minded consumers grab them as quick as they mushroom up.

Are there any risks associated with buying an ‘open box’ deal?

As with any purchase, there are always risks associated with buying an ‘open box’ item. But we can mitigate these risks by adhering to some precautionary steps. You need to consider whether a retailer who is authorized to sell new products is selling the ‘open box’ unit. Also, check whether the unit has a warranty for parts and labor (The more the better). In addition to that, please buy these items only when a retailer offers return or exchange policy for 15 days or more.

Just because an item is a ‘open box’ item, it does not translate into a good bargain especially if the product is a lemon. So do some research on that product before buying it. There are a lot of product review sites, which lists out the pros and cons. Also many websites have user reviews that are very valuable before you make a purchase. Read these reviews to see whether there are known issues with the product.

Happy bargain hunting..!

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