2010 comes, followed by amazing consumer electronics

Written by admin on March 28th, 2011

2010 comes, and the economy is just beginning to stabilize and the pace of recovery is yet uncertain. At this point, many companies launch novel category of devices. Will they convince consumers to open their pocket?

1.2010 begins with tablet revolution

Size is everything in computing these days. Netbooks — those 8- to 10-inch dumbed-down laptops — were big news in 2009. This year, they may be eclipsed by an abundance of other midsize computing device .

Call it a “slate” or call it a “tablet,” the technology world is suddenly awash with a novel category of mobile devices seeking to grab the spotlight from a hugely anticipated product launch by Apple Inc on January 27, followed by Hewlett-Packard Co, Dell Inc, Motorola Inc and Lenovo Group Ltd who show off thin, touch screen computing devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The tablet phenomenon is an opportunity for these companies, but whether it can open consumers’ purse is uncertain.

2. E-readers are growing in popularity,

Heard of the Amazon Kindle? The Barnes & Noble Nook?  The Sony Reader?

All of these e-readers — portable devices that let readers consume digital books without the eye strain caused by computer monitors.

Different from tablet’s uncertain future, E-reader is one of the best sellers during holiday season. Sales of Amazon Kindle surpassed physical book sales on the holiday for the first time.

3. 3D TV, TV makers’ potential pain

Television manufacturers are banking on 3D TVs for their next sales boost, with sets capable of adding that extra visual dimension expected to hit U.S. store shelves in force by the middle of 2010.

Top TV makers including Sony Corp, Panasonic Corp, LC Electronics Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd features 3D screen advances at the Consumer Electronics Show, hoping the new technology will be as big a boost for the industry as the transition to color TVs from black and white, but many consumers have only just unboxed new high-definition television screens. They may be unwilling to spend on upgrading again soo.

4.  New members in smartphone market.

Google is coming at the mobile industry with Nexus One. The Nexus One was built by Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC. Google has called the Nexus One a super phone, no doubt to set the device apart from the other players, including the BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone. At the moment, the Nexus One is only available in the US but will be sold in Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore in the spring through Vodafone.

Lenovo Group Ltd is also wading into the smartphone market with a thin, touch screen device based on Google Inc’s Android operating system. The world’s No. 4 personal computer maker announced LePhone, which will be launched this year in China, also you check the upodating news on EBsilk.com, Lenovo’s home base, where it is the PC market leader.

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