What you should know before you buy DEBT SETTLEMENT LEADS

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

SmartLeadz Intelligent Marketing Solutions | The industry leader in sales lead generation



Thousands of qualified and motivated borrowers are seeking assistance with their
home financing needs from lenders in our network every single day.

Homeowner’s who are trying to avoid bankruptcy are on the internet right now requesting your help for a loan modification, short sale and loss mitigation services. Lend a hand and help these homeowners save their home.

Customers who are buried in debt need help and are waiting for your call. We capture motivated and qualified customers who have at least 10k or more in debt who want a debt settlement program to eliminate their high interest debt. Tailor your campaign and help these customers with their debt problems.  

Start Speaking To Qualified & Motivated Prospects Today!

* Increase monthly sales volume & make 2009 a success!
* Stimulate your pipeline with a fresh supply of leads today.
* Decrease marketing costs with a more targeted approach.
* Tailor a campaign to meet your exact needs and budget.
* Improve loan officer retention with a consistent flow of quality leads.
What Do We Offer?
Smart Leadz offers conventional Purchase/Refi, FHA/VA Streamline, Loan Mod, Reverse
Mortgage and Expiring ARM Leads as well as debt settlement, loan modification and IRS/Tax debt leads.

* Fresh Qualified Leads Delivered Daily
* Exclusive & Delivered Real Time
* Triple Verified For Accuracy
* No Setup Fees or closed loans fees
* Customized Filters to meet your needs
* Live Call Transfer Feature ‘IVR’
* Not Generated From Spam
* No minimum To Purchase
* High Conversion Ratios
* Generous Lead Return Policy
* Dedicated Account Manager
About SmartLeadz:
We are committed to quality service. We value our customers and our goal is to provide
a successful, long term business relationship. No fluff just results. We do not
use any tactics, contests, giveaways, incentives or use false information to lure
people into filling out an application. We will promptly credit any lead that meets
our written Return Policy criteria.

Lead Guidelines:

We practice truthful and targeted value added advertising methods
that capture qualified and motivated prospects and deliver to them to you in real-time
and on budget.

We do not use incentives of any kind to entice consumers to fill out requests for

No “Co-registration” We do not re-purpose or develop one type of lead and try to sell it as another.

Smart Leadz does not use any gimmicks, spam or incentives to drive traffic. We do not work with or facilitate websites that use or encourage illegal, unethical or misleading practices.  

SmartLeadz has delivered over billion in funded applications to our clients.
Start speaking to qualified and motivated borrowers today.

Don’t just survive in today’s market… THRIVE!




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