What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep a Secret-part 2

Written by admin on December 7th, 2010

What rich people know and desperately want to keep a secret-Part 2.




Before we learn the basics of success we have to identify what they are. We have to know what success we’re aiming for, and where we should be putting our efforts once we understand the basics of success. We have to know what it means to be rich, and where it is that successful people make their money.

Does being rich mean having more money than your friends or family? Does it mean being able to compare yourself to this country’s or the world’s richest men and women, or does it mean never having to worry about money again? This term can vary greatly, so what does being rich really mean to you?

Virtually anyone you meet wants to be rich in the monetary sense. Nearly everyone in life wants to make more money. The truth, however, is that being truly rich in life isn’t just about having more money. Many people have made the mistake of believing this.

Money should be seen as it is–just a tool for getting things done. The more money you have the more things you can get done. At this early stage you must realise money is merely a means to an end, and not an end in itself.

Being truly rich in life means having many, many other things more important than money, such as more fulfilling and rewarding relationships, good friends, a satisfying career, a happy family, and enjoyment of life to the fullest. It’s about living a long and healthy life–both physically and spiritually–being honest with yourself and others, and having strong values and beliefs. And it’s about maintaining and giving off positive energy and directing it into every decision you make, and every moment you are alive.

Many people mistakenly say: ‘If only I had more money, I’d be happy.’ Money can certainly make life easier, more comfortable, more secure. It can open more doors, take you places you’ve never been, and allow you to meet people you’d otherwise never have met. But the bad news is it cannot buy you happiness. Many unfortunate people have fallen into this trap, and don’t realise it until it’s too late. They reach their goal of having a very big house, but cannot call it a home … it’s an empty place with no warmth and no-one to share it with. They have a big boat but no real friends to sail it with them. This is the ultimate punishment–a realisation too late that they’ve wasted their lives pursuing the wrong thing.

The pursuit of money without regard to its consequences can be a very disappointing and unrewarding experience. Anyone who is rich financially but poor emotionally and spiritually is simply a bankrupt soul.

Such people are usually surrounded by others who are similarly misguided–who also have few true values. They continue to spend their money in the hope that the next purchase of something they don’t need will give them the riches they’re seeking.

Being financially rich can fool others into thinking you’re happy; however, you cannot run away from yourself, and cannot lie to the one person who really knows … you.

Being rich is about striving for balance in all aspects of your life. Your challenge is to find the balance that is right for you. Then and only then can you declare yourself truly rich.

This is not a book for people seeking instant riches. It’s for those who are continually seeking a better and more fulfilling existence, who are making an effort to find this balance, and who are willing to work long and hard applying the basics to achieve their goals.

Much about being successful and becoming rich has already been written, but what you may still need to discover is what works for you. And when you discover it, you have to work out how this will contribute to your goal of happiness.

Remember there are many, many blissfully happy people who have far less material wealth than you, no matter how much or little you think you have. Being rich does not mean being happy. Don’t ever get the two confused, or you will be neither rich nor happy.

Where are you going?

Most people travel through life never stopping to ponder how they got to where they are. The sometimes sudden realisation that you are nowhere near where you intended to be can be devastating–and bring about a lot of unhappiness and discontent.

Have you started to question where you’re going? What it’s all about? Is success eluding you in your business and life? Have you arrived at the place you set out for, or can you at least glimpse it in the distance? If the answer is no, then perhaps we have more to learn together in this book.

Remember, before you build a house you need to have strong foundations or you may risk a collapse. To know where you are going you need to have a starting point, and the starting point is discovery about yourself. And the question there is: What is it you really want?

Living your life wishing and working for things you think you want because you observe these things making somebody else happy is a recipe for personal disaster and unhappiness.

Your starting point is not to look at what others are doing, but to look inside yourself at what it is you want to do, and where you want to be. This will not be easy, nor may it be an overnight revelation. However, it is a worthwhile commitment in your pursuit of happiness. And it will only come with being honest and true to yourself.

Listen to your inner voice. At first it may be a little faint. But persist with this practice and always acknowledge strongly your own feelings and emotions. These are your signposts and inner directions to where you are going–to reach where you really want to be.

Do not be influenced by others, no matter who they may be, unless their advice is consistent with your inner voice and feelings. And do not be fooled into buying into somebody else’s dream (unless this is your dream too). It is easy to follow others, but this won’t give you the sense of personal fulfilment and satisfaction you need to be happy.

Sticking to your dream and being true to your feelings may at times seem like a huge price. You may go backwards financially or emotionally–but not being true to yourself has a much higher cost than this short-term investment.

Happiness and personal contentment are your only worthwhile destinations. This is where you are going and nowhere else.

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