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Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

If you think you are not earning enough for your needs or for your family, the amount may not be the issue at hand. What you need to do is learn some wealth management. That way, whatever the budget available, you will learn to make the best of what you do have.

Here are some tips to live comfortably within your means, control yourself from overspending, and ways to make money to increase your overall budget.

– Know what means you have. After all, how could you live within them if you dont keep track of how much you have? Count the money in your purse or bag, and check your bank balance and credit cards. Also, you might have left some bills in old bags, jeans or shirt pockets, and jewelry boxes. Rummage through your dressers and drawers. You might even find a few treasures wedged in the couch or under your bed. All the furniture in your house might be hiding something. There are also birthday or Christmas cards that contain money in the envelopes, many of which you may have forgotten about. Your properties are also money-convertible. You may have real estate or valuable jewelry or antiques- assess their current value.

– Now that you know how much you have at hand, know how much you are making. Make a note of your monthly salary, as well as additional benefits you get from the company. You can see these in your check stubs. This way you get a clear picture of your earning power. Give an allowance for the occasional leaves that you take, and do add your overtime and holiday-work earnings.

– Wealth management starts with a goal. It is difficult to do so on a rough estimate. A common reason that people end up spending too much is that their idea of how much they still have and how much they have already spent is often unrealistic. It is better to start with a short-term goal. Goals like saving for the future or saving to live well after retirement do not count. You will always see the future as far ahead of you even when it is imminent. It is also easier to splurge when you think you have a lot of time to make up for it. You can start with a short-term goal instead, such as paying a debt or having a thousand extra at the end of the month. Success is the best motivator.The more you meet your little goals, the more it will inspire you to save up for bigger things and in bigger amounts.

– After you have applied all these tips, your perspective on how much you have will be more realistic. Now its time to tackle the other end- how much you are spending. Take note of all your expenses to know if your money is going to unnecessary things. For the meticulous, you can always bring a little notebook and a pen wherever you go, and list down all that you spend in one day. This includes food, transportation or gasoline, and even the miniscule things like parking tickets. Youll be surprised to see how it adds up. When you know how much you spend, you will be able to summon up that willingness to save on the little things.

– Find little ways to make money. They are everywhere. Clean out your closet and start a rummage sale. Go through your stockroom and you might find some still-decent pieces of furniture that you can sell at your garage. Some scraps of metal, ink cartridges and plastic bottles can be sold to factories. Browse the Internet and the classified ads for some part-time or work-at-home opportunities.

Remember that as long as you make money, you will have to practice wealth management. You will be surprised to find how fulfilling it feels and how resourceful you can become once you have made up your mind to do so.

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