Tips To Start Make Money Working At Home And Quitting Your Job Soon

Written by admin on December 6th, 2010

Not all people enjoy their jobs right now. Some are tired of the patterns dealt with from everyday stress and someone you need to please every single day just to pay the bills and have food of the table. With the recession and all the bad news, you know it doesn’t have to affect your status now. If you feel you are better than that and you have to have options.

Forex Trading can be a very good living source if you know how to handle it.But how will you know that you are at that point when you are ready to leave the regular employment, with the regular paycheck, and do something else like Forex Trading?

We are always scared of something we don’t know. But at this point I assume you have heard a thing or two with the potential of Forex Trading, how it can make the life you always wanted.

Here is a review of the advantages of Forex, and how it is becoming a popular home based business, part time or full time.

– Forex is now even bigger than Stocks and Futures Markets combined, .5 trillion a day

– It is not biased and nobody can control it. So you really have the fighting chance for riches here.

– Flexible. make your money grow exponentially within minutes, at home, if you know when and how to place a trade. This is where education and training comes in.

– It is not hard to learn! like any other skill, it takes devotion and seriousness.

– Less risky- better than stocks and futures in the category. you cannot lose more than what you can trade.

-Start small. great things really start from small beginnings here. you can start for 0 and turn into 00, and do it again and again.

– Huge earning potential- In a week, with few minutes a day, earn more than your job. That is how high the potential is.

If you are willing to go to change your lifestyle into trading however, here are some practical steps you can take, while employed, to be able to quit your job soon and make a pretty good living out of trading currencies. You can do this at your spare time,and little by little you are building yourself up to be a professional trader.

Saving money

In order to have the ball rolling, you have to need some amount in your savings in order to trade. Even if you can start small with Forex, the amount in your savings should be enough to deal with the ups and downs of the market. For some it is not hard to save money because they have made saving a habit or an obligation. For people who are opposite in nature, you might want to start saving now.

The more money you save, the larger potentials and lesser are the risks of losing your account. Risks are manageable in Forex and you cannot lose more than what you are willing to but remember it can also turn into a very large amount. It is advisable to have at least a minimum of 6 months full salary before real full trading but a year’s worth is better.


This is the part that can minimize loss and increases your potential of earning more. You don’t have to be a graduate of any course related to Forex, but you have to have a complete understanding of how it works and how will you profit from it. It is advisable to have a Forex home study course.


– It is flexible, you can learn at your own pace because the materials are available online or in the comfort of your own home.

– In some courses that are made by Forex experts and veterans themselves, you can get more than a better understanding of the market, you will learn how to be profitable consistently.

– You can have all the support you need.

– Learn how to manage risks and control money. (Not all courses have this).

*At the end of the article there is a link to a course that has all that was mentioned. They give out so much information and freebies even before you buy. Most say it is worthwhile investment.

Practice, Practice, and practice some more

Sign up for a demo trading account you can use to simulate the real Forex Market. You can do this at you free time. Here you can apply the learning you have with the course and as you go along , you will make the trading strategy of your own based on what you think works for you.

This will avoid you loosing money by using virtual money. Don’t start trading unless you have consistent profits with demo trading.

Leave Emotions Behind when Trading

It is not a good idea to let emotions rule you, this is a mistake some traders make and as a result, greater losses and all the pain. Let your preparation do the trading for you.

Starting Real Trading

If you are makig money on the demo account and are comfortable with everything you do, you can start real trading for real part time.
Don’t use the saving you have alloted for trading yet. Gain your momentum and feel comfortable with it. As your confidence builds up, you increase the amount you have in your savings, meaning more money potential.


When you are making consistent profits and are making bigger than your salary right now, you are ready to quit. Take note that you should be making more than your earning, this allows you to maintain your financial status inspite some loss. Maintaining your financial level give the opportunity for greater gains in the future, meaning a larger bank account.

Patience and consistency is the key for accomplishing the steps mentioned. Fear and greed are the trader’s worst enemy. You fear loss, therefore you cannot gain, you greed more, therefore you have the potential to lose more. A disciplined mind and clear head should be constant. Having this, you can look forward to becoming a professional trader, and a whole lot richer.

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