Tips for Your Own Small Business Success Stories

Written by admin on December 5th, 2010

Your small business idea might be ripe enough now to give it a little push and make it happen. Sure thing, the hardest part in anything is the first step forward especially in starting your own small business but look around you and you will see that those courageous enough to plunge in the unknown are those who really succeed. Take it from them and you will see that they too started small and who knows business started in their own backyard too. Be motivated with their small business success stories, know their ingredients and follow the lead. It takes more than passion and hard work to succeed in small businesses because the competition is out there and if you are not prepared with the neck-to-neck battle your competitors will eat you alive.


I have listed below some of the most basic ingredient of a successful small business.


1. Market Research- A lot of successful businesses had spent time and money researching on what the market wants and needs. Doing so they would know what to create and offer the probable clients. They have also researched their nearby competitors and how they package and do their marketing. If the market is already saturated with their would-products, they could consider repackaging it or target a more specific clientele. They have also studied very well the pricing of each competitor’s pricing. Knowing these things would be vital on how to decide on your own too. Also, keep in mind that creating a need for your product is highly advisable to make it click and this is where successful entrepreneurs are good at.

2. Reduced Costs- Since most of successful small businesses started at home, they have the flexibility to reduce costs and overheard. They are also very frugal and maximize all their resources. With this habit, they were able to give a very competitive pricing for their products. Keeping your overhead costs at a minimum is very ideal and you could also do this on your own by multi-tasking or outsourcing small jobs to quality and yet inexpensive workers.

3. Flexible in Terms of Shifting the Company in Terms of Obstacles- Many successful entrepreneurs have the ability to shift their company to a different direction when they met obstacles. Most of these small businesses are the ones who managed to keep their small businesses afloat amidst the economic crisis. Follow this attitude of flexibility instead of negativity when small problems hit your own business too especially if your small business is based at home since you have lower costs to incur.

4. Passion and Focus- Successful small business entrepreneurs who made it are usually those propelled with the right attitude towards their business-passion and focus. They are guided by a clear vision and they have outlined these in well in their small business plan. Most of start-up entrepreneurs have the passion in starting their own small business but lost their focus along the way because they failed to write their small business plan which serves as their compass.

5. Most importantly, they are surrounded with people who believe in their vision. You would notice that those successful entrepreneurs are surrounded with people who love, support and believe in their small business vision hence; follow this lead perfectly. Starting a small business alone is  possible but  as you grow you will need a helping hand and make sure that you will hire people who have the same burning passion to succeed like you.


There are thousands of small business success stories everywhere, you can just pick-up one and follow the lead and who knows one day your success story will motivate others as well.

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